I’m kind of stressed out today. A is still sick with high fever and now on more antibiotics (she had a test for basically every virus and it was negative). I really really hope they work. She is definitely not getting her wisdom teeth out on Friday so I guess that’s one less thing to think about in the immediate future, but man – I just want to have her wake up and feel good and NOT be burning up. Tomorrow will be day 7 since this started and I don’t tend to get too worked up or anxious about my kids’ sicknesses but this one is really persistent and needs to GO AWAY.

She is also really sad to be missing dance camp and gymnastics — especially having just started on the team! That said, those things won’t matter in retrospect. This infection just needs to go away.

On the flip slide, I guess I can say I am grateful that:

  • I am on call which is actually MORE flexible in a way sometimes; I was able to take her to work with me this morning to be seen here which worked out well
  • I am not used to this, thanks to generally healthy kids (yes there has definitely been some stuff, but nothing serious or severe and I KNOW how incredibly lucky that is)
  • I have good insurance so things are covered mostly and I don’t have to think about cost for the most part when it comes to medical care

Hopefully good news to report later.

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