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This is a day late, but we had such a nice and CHILL weekend. There was almost nothing on the family calendar and it was what we all needed.

(Or at least what I needed!)

We did see Inside Out 2 and went out for Indian after — here for the few locals who read this! G ended up basically eating fries dipped in Indian sauces, but the other two loved it. It was kind of a cozy and happy weekend overall. Father’s Day was super low key but Josh got his gift and was thrilled with that, so that was a win!

Summer Life The Shu

I also finished Still Life and stayed far, far away from Reddit. My brain seriously feels better already. Oh, and we all slept a lot.

Things are definitely less hectic now. Camp starts later (so our nanny is helping drive some mornings) and there are fewer evening commitments — once lacrosse ends next week there will just be gymnastics (easy as it’s entirely drop off/pickup and a relatively quick drive). I know this moment of relative calm is not going to last. I actually just received next year’s soccer tournament schedule AND my call schedule. A starts team practices for gymnastics today and while it doesn’t seem that bad during the summer I suspect it will feel like a lot during the year. I can already tell the summer is going to fly and then next year will be packed.

But! Let’s acknowledge and celebrate the next ~7-8 weeks of relative peace! I’ve been (finally) filled with excitement around my book proposal, coming up with ideas for structure / angles / etc at all times. I think maybe my brain was . . . waiting for this, or something!? On Thursday I will do a faux retreat day (will spend part of the day working outside the house, too!) and get cranking on actually getting some text onto pages for my proposal and sample chapter (FULLY expect to have to edit a lot, but time to get that ROUGH first draft actually going).

Okay one last thing: a question. I have been granted the privilege of choosing my clinical days next year — I work 3 per week. Currently, I am MWF; W is a bit shorter than the other two due to getting a little bit of admin time. I am not permitted to take admin time on Friday but can take it any other time.

Positives to this:

  • I never have to go far between patient days – worst case is 1 business day.
  • There is a nice symmetry to this – after every clinical day, I get a less structured day

Negatives to this:

  • Whenever I want to take a long weekend, I have to take a day off. And I am always worried about running out of PTO time.
  • Memorial Day and Labor Day will instantly suck up PTO time (unless I’m on call)
  • Monday is often really jarring – I feel like I have to be SUPER prepped on Sunday as I am jumping into a structured full patient day

I am trying to decide if there’s another configuration that could be better. I’m thinking about TUES WEDS FRIDAY. So basically the same, but with a small tweak of swapping Tuesday for Monday. I think I’d be really productive on Mondays at home, and at the same time would be able to ease into the week just a bit.

TUES THURS FRI would basically be the same, but feels a bit backloaded to me. There is a chance they may prefer me working Thursday to Weds though, so if it has to be that way then fine.


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