Why Negative Thoughts Come To Mind?

Why Negative Thoughts Come To Mind

We are all on a quest for a peaceful, fulfilled life and strive for this goal, whether consciously or unconsciously. However, often we are simply our own worst enemy and sabotage ourselves with our own negative thoughts. If we all want positive outcomes in our lives, why do these negative thoughts constantly pop up periodically, … Read more

“I am” vs. “You are” – How To Do Your Affirmations

“I am” vs. “You are”_ How To Do Your Affirmations

Well written affirmations are a great way of boosting your self-confidence, as they help you to think positively and keep you focused on achieving your goals. This article will help you to form the best affirmations. I am vs you are affirmations – what is the best way to compose them? Positive affirmations that start … Read more