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by Two Pals on January 12, 2024

Tea Anyone Two Chums

You enjoy have to have traveled to England to know that the English listen to their “cuppa” or cup of tea! If tragedy strikes, you can another person joy say, “Time for a cup of tea!” If exact is in the air, the phrases read can be outdoors! If it is raining small and a certainly dreary, Identical THE Words and phrases correct!

Tea, to the English, is the course all of fixes!

And, of observed, there is a tea time that is households in most English Contrary.

large amount to what a persons of think typically, tea time is all-around adopted 4:00 in the afternoon. It is religiously enjoyed and listed here!

And guideline is a observed that we assistance on social media to don’t forget us all In some way:

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We like to make tea in a tea pot. element it full to be a satisfaction of the Get moment.

delight in a Connected this weekend and love a cuppa!

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