The “Boys” Who Would Be King

by Two Chums on June 27, 2024

The Boys Who Would Be King

If you have been around Two Chums for long you must certainly know that we have great affection for the British royal family. So when we came across a wonderful photo that was published last week in honor of Prince William’s birthday, we wanted to share it immediately with you our chums.

The Boys Who Would Be King
Princess Charlotte, Prince William, Prince Louis, Prince George
(The caption on the photo read “Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much!”)

By anyone’s standards this is a charming family photo capturing a moment of a father having great fun with his young children. Very, very cute, but not extraordinary for the average family. But this isn’t just any average family. This is the British royal family and pictured here are not just one, but two future Kings of England, William and his eldest son, George. What makes this photo, or more importantly this moment in time, extraordinary is that it is a vivid and poignant reminder that though two of this foursome are future world leaders, they are after all, very ordinary people who enjoy all the ordinary things other people enjoy…a day at the beach, a chance to be silly, enjoying family time.

What makes William, and what made his late mother, Diana, and what makes his wife Catherine, so relatable and so beloved is that they are so willing to remember that they too are so ordinary amidst the glamour and the pomp and circumstance of their position. The late Queen was told by her grandmother when she ascended to the throne at such an early age, 26 years old, that she needed to always remember that she was not appointed to be Queen by man, but rather anointed to be Queen by God. She was no less the ordinary woman, the wife and mother she longed to be, but she had a calling on her life that she embraced and took on with all her heart and soul. At the center of her being she was still that young woman who loved her horses and dogs and picnics and country life. Though her position put demands on her she never aspired to, she did whatever she needed to do to fulfill her calling, and she embraced those simple things that brought her joy and pleasure as regularly as she was able, though being very private, rarely did we see her indulging in them.

William is doing those simple things that clearly bring delight to him and his family as well, but he is letting us in on seeing him indulge in the ordinary. His children are being children and loving a romp at the beach with their father. What joy and delight, particularly knowing what we know about the tough days they have all endured so recently with Catherine’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. God has anointed him to one day be King and George after him. But for now, at least on this day, he remembered and enjoyed the ordinary pleasures that are available to us all. We think that is what makes him and his beautiful wife and family exceptional and truly extraordinary indeed! This is what would make his mother so very, very proud.

Happy belated birthday Prince William! May this be a very happy and healthy year for you and your precious family.

Jackie and Robin

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