Wait What Day Is It?

Seriously. Someone with as many planners as I have should not feel disoriented in time, but here we are.

I mean, I *know* what day it is. I just have to think about it kind of hard each time I start planning for what is coming up. There is something about the weeks varying so much that plays with my sense of time.

I was texting my parents/sister something like “hey, what should we do on the 4th?” and then realized that my question was about TOMORROW. Ha. I am looking forward to the trip!! This is the THIRD consecutive year I’ve been in Philadelphia with the kids (2022, 2023). There will probably be a Zoo venture, LOTS of cousin time (excited of G to hang with M – she is closer to G’s age than A/C!), and some live recording + fun with Laura. As a bonus, I’ll get to run in something like ~72F with 90% humidity instead of 80F and 90% humidity! Not a HUUUUUGE upgrade, but still preferable.

I also wanted to share a note that I have shared 39434 times before because maybe someday I will learn from myself: I. Am. Always. Tired. After. Call!!!! I assign myself things for the Tuesday after call because (logically) there are things to be done that backed up during call. But I never take my post-call brain and body into consideration and generally feel disappointed.

I got a few things done (but not everything) and then actually took the weirdest-timed nap ever at 5:30 pm because every cell in my body was begging for one. At one point I thought I might be getting sick, but nope. I’m 100% fine today. It’s just the feeling of post-call.


Wait What Day Is It

Simple but should be effective. I will think really hard before I put much of anything in that slot 🙂

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