What Your Ex Is Thinking During No Contact?

Two people drifting apart during a breakup sometimes decide it is better to stop any form of contact. Some take the no contact thing as a practical approach, while some take it hard. Even if the breakup is a girl’s decision, some of them will still dwell in the memories of their ex. So, after a break up you might wonder, what is she thinking during no contact? 

She is probably reminiscing all your memories together. One of the main concerns includes her wondering if you will move on from her too soon. To ensure that, she might stalk you on social media to see what you are up to. She will also overthink about the alternative ways she could have saved the relationship or might think of ways to get back with you. 

Breakups are not easy for everyone, and some might end up becoming mentally fragile while overthinking about it. But various thoughts are invading your ex’s mind for sure if you have shut down all communication. And if you do not want to reconnect and find out, read this article instead. 

How Does Your Ex-Girlfriend Feel After the Breakup?

Was your ex-girlfriend very clingy and affectionate? If so, she probably is having separation anxiety. The fact that you two are not communicating means she is not aware of what you are doing. It is probably making her anxious and restless.

If you two were inseparable during the relationship or if you were very involved in her life, then her routine is also reminding her about you. That is painful. She perhaps feels empty, isolated, and abandoned. The feeling of abandonment often makes people cry and remain low.

Whether she cheated, you cheated, or there was a distance that took place in between you two that caused the breakup, she is still feeling extreme regret every day. The remorse she feels is then making her think of the other scenarios where you two could have worked it out.

Even if a girl decides to have no contact and breakup, she is still likely to be deeply heartbroken. Women tend to give their 100% in a relationship, generally. The change in daily routine makes moving on with regular life hard, even if it was the ideal decision.

What are the Thoughts Running in Her Mind?

You are concerned about the things running in her mind after the no communication pact, but you would rather stay out of touch. I can help you with that. Read about the various thoughts that run in a girl’s mind who is probably taking the break up hard. Even if she is not taking it hard, she is still thinking about some stuff.

Here are some things that she might be thinking about right after the break up if guys have stopped communicating:

Thinking of Ways to Know What You Are Up To

During your relationship together, was your ex very concerned about your whereabouts? If so, she is still concerned. It worries her, or it makes her curious. She still thinks about what you have eaten, whether you have woken up on time for your office and prepared for your exam.

To find out whether you are well, she might contact your friends or family members with whom she had a good relationship- all that to hear about you. If you are achieving and reaching goals while she is not with you, it will still make her upset that she is not a part of it.

It is a natural thing for your ex-girlfriend to be interested in how you are progressing without her. It does not always have to be a painful attempt, rather a general curiosity.

Stalking You On Socials

Without communicating with your friends and family, she will stalk you on socials to find out herself. These days, social media gives adequate information about a person. She will go through your Facebook. And even if you are no longer on her friends’ list, she will see whatever is visible on your profile.

She will stalk who you have newly followed on Instagram. If she is not on your followers’ list and if your account is private, she might even open a fake account or ask her trustworthy girlfriend to befriend you there, to know about you.

Stalking you on socials is also to find out whether you have moved on or are still missing her. She will overthink every new girl she finds in your post likes and will even stalk them to seek more information.

Thinking of Your Days Together

If she is not the stalking kind and wants to respect the no-contact pact, she will still miss your days together. With or without a betrayal, exes miss the old times and memories, sometimes due to the difficulty in bouncing back to regular life without their partners. 

She is perhaps looking at the pictures and videos of you, crying or not crying, but recalling them for sure. Getting nostalgic and sometimes even smiling. The things you were involved in, like maybe cooking her dinner, bringing her favorite drink when stopping by, or when she visits your favorite place to eat at, she is thinking about your days together.

Thinking of Ways to Reconnect

As you two decided not to communicate at all, she might think of ways to somehow get in touch indirectly. As this is the age of social media, she will think of getting added to a group you are in on Facebook. She might react to your comments made on public posts or even watch stories that you upload publicly. All the while hoping you notice.

If she knows about the route you take daily, she might think of taking the same to bump into you. Even if it is awkward, there is the hope of pep talks like- “How are you doing?”, “It’s been a long time!” or “Nice to see you!”. She will only do this if you two broke up on good terms.

Otherwise, she will consider attending the parties you two are invited to, all dressed up, attempting to make you regret losing her.

Thinking of the Hypothetical Scenarios Instead of the Breakup

If she was a considerate person while you were with her, she might be sympathetic and empathetic. Thus, she is thinking of the other ways the relationship could have worked out. She is upset and driving her mind restless, wondering what you two could have done differently. 

Often relationships end even if they were not going bad. Issues like- lack of time, miscommunication, or long-distance relationships mostly end with mutual decision and respect. If that is your reason, she perhaps thinks of ways you two could have kept it afloat.

Is It Wise to Reconnect?

Once you have moved on or decided to, it is never good to go back and reconnect. Re-connection acts like a reset button, and it takes you back to square one. The days, weeks, and months of moving on with life will then get disrupted again.

However, if you and your ex-girlfriend were soulmates and broke up on good terms, there may be chances to fix things or start over. Also, reconnecting to inquire how she is doing, how she is spending her days- basically for a general update, is not harmful as long as you or your ex do not break down again.

But my advice is, once you two decided to stay out of touch, it is better to keep it that way! 


Having no contact after a long time together can be difficult for some people. Especially, those women who are very deeply involved with their partners tend to have running thoughts about their ex after the breakup.

However, once you have decided to do so, even if you are wondering what is she thinking during no contact, it is wiser to let it be. 

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