What It Means When A Married Man Likes You But Talks About His Wife?

Relationships are not always perfect. In this case, you might often find yourself in a dilemma. Thinking whether he genuinely likes you or is playing you. Even if he does have feelings for you, then why does he constantly mention his wife?

This man is a cheater and is only having mixed feelings. He is trying to step on both boats. But, failing. His feelings are confused and he is just overwhelmed. It would be wise for you to stay away from him, unless you’d prefer the same to happen to you as his wife. 

When a married man likes you but talks about his wife, many possibilities can be the cause of that reason. Hence, to get a better understanding of the situation, I suggest you read through to avoid much emotional pain and stress.

Reasons Why He Constantly Mentions His Wife

It can come in both ways. If he talks about how great she is, then he is just expressing his in-depth love for her. This should not be mistaken.

If he shows concerns and often talks about the arguments developing in their relationship, then things might not be working the best for them.

Confused about his feelings

This man himself is not sure about how he feels. He is consistently fighting himself. Figuring out who he likes. You might be wondering if it is possible to like two people at the same time. Well yes.

It is quite likely, as we are just humans. It is not quite possible to control who we like. So, talking about his wife causes him to empty his head. This helps him to figure out the situation better.

Just like writing down something, helps to organize our thoughts. Talking about our problems helps to obtain an easier solution. 

To gain sympathy

Notice what he says. If he talks about negative things about her. Continually bringing up talks about their fights. Then likely he is doing this to gather sympathy from you.

He just wants you to believe that he is miserable and needs someone who will treat him better. This is his form of pursuing you. He thinks it to be a great way to get closer to you. By playing victim, he wants to prove himself innocent.

He does this to clear up the paths to reach you. Showing that he is done with his relationship and wants to be with you.

He wants to prepare you beforehand

As things are not working perfectly between them, he wants someone else to fix that and heal his wounds.

If he has already confessed his feelings for you. He wants to see how you would react and if you are okay helping him cheat. In a sense, you are agreeing to be his second choice. 

Comparing you to his wife

If he uses her as an excuse to compliment you, then definitely he likes you. It is his way of expressing his love for.

He will bring her into conversations to differentiate between the two of you. Therefore, choosing who he likes more based on qualities.

To make it clear that he is married

People’s minds can be hard to read. Sometimes guys keep on mentioning his wife just to make it clear that he is married. He might think that you like him, or in this case have the idea that he likes you. He does not want to hurt your feelings or directly reject you. For which he subtly gives you hints.

The other reason can be that he is worried his wife might find out. He does not want his wife to have a negative impression of him as a cheater. To cover any possible accusations. While others are near you two, he will overly talk about her to prevent others from thinking he likes you.

How to Know If He Truly Likes You?

What if you are misinterpreting his friendly side to be as flirty? Or what if he shows signs of liking you just to play with your feelings?

You can determine his true intentions with a bit of keen observation. Here are some signs that he genuinely likes you and wants to have a relationship with you.

He makes effort

He tries to get to know you better. The things you like, your hobbies’ etcetera. Tries to cheer you up when you are feeling low. He stands by your side when you need him.

Such actions are not done by most, especially those who are married. His concerns show that he truly does have a soft spot for you.

He is extremely nice and thoughtful

He tries to be a true gentleman in front of you. Others might often find it strange as well. As he acts completely different around you. Remembering the smallest details about you.

He brings you small gifts and remembers your birthday. He remembers the small details you tell him about yourself. And, he goes out of his way to make you feel special.

He is always playful around you

He tries to be the best version of himself near you. Might as well dress differently to see whether you’re noticed or to impress yourself. Throwing random jokes at you to see you laugh. 

People who like you will want to see you happy. This is a basic show of somebody liking you. Though, some people are naturally playful and funny. This is a trait you should look out for. Observe if he is the same with everyone else. 

He is always noticing you

You will always catch him staring at you with soft gazes. That is because he is admiring you. When you like someone, you subconsciously get lost in their beautiful faces. He will notice the smallest changes in you.

For example, you might wear someone you never usually go for and he might compliment you on that or he might notice a hairstyle difference. 

He is very interested in knowing about your love life

He will bug you trying to get to know about your love life. To get a better idea of when to pull a move on you.

Often you will find him getting jealous of the man you like. As well as hating that man. This is due to his overprotective side which takes over.

What Should You Do?

Know what his intentions are. You have to make sure he has clear intentions. Remember, if he wants to be with you, he will be with you. Hence, look into what he is doing to improve the situation. Do not let him make you an option only.  The best thing would be to not give this a second thought and stay away from him. As he might also cheat on you in the future.

They might confess their feelings for you later, constantly pursuing you. But do not let them easily buy you. He is testing you to see how it would feel to be in a relationship with you. See if he is serious about you. If so then he will act upon it by trying to end things with his wife to be with you.

I suggest you move out of this situation if you do not see any improvements. Actions speak louder than words. Convincing you by saying that he loves you more than his wife is easy to say.

Do not waste your time by waiting for him to make a move. You never know he might be feeding the same lies to his wife. A common phrase says – “Once a cheater always a cheater”.

So, you can expect the same to happen to you as well even if somehow you two get together. That’s why you should make your decisions smartly. If he can marry someone and then easily cheat on her then how can you guarantee he would not do the same with you. So, the best thing you can do is stay away from him.


Make your decisions according to what you think is the best. Smartly move out of this situation if you see no efforts being made from the other end. You deserve to be respected and loved. Do not let that man hurt you.

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