What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman? (Secrets)

If you’re constantly questioning yourself,” what makes a man open up to a woman?” If your man not opening up to you has been the reason behind your sleepless nights, and you’re on the lookout for answers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Making your man open up to you is not a day’s task. It’s one that takes time, commitment, and patience. However, it can be obtained by simply opening up first; giving him space and making him feel appreciated.

Although it seems quite easy at first, there’s more to what meets the eye. So, don’t chicken out and just follow the steps below and see your man open up to you in no time!

Why Can’t I Make My Man Open Up To Me?

Men who have an impenetrable wall around them, made mostly of ego, fragile masculinity, and a lack of experience in sharing feelings, have the most difficulty in opening up. That, ladies, might be why you can’t get your man to open up to you.

Let me guess, you’ve tried your best to break through this supposed wall? You’ve tried your best to approach your significant other as cautiously as you can, but there’s no sign of them budging?

Notice something wrong with your approach? Notice something you’re not able to catch here?

What you fail to see is that your approach will only work if you think of your partner as being the same as you. You’re assuming that your partner understands and feels emotions the way you do. And that’s where friction starts.

See, the method that works on you shouldn’t necessarily work on everyone else, especially your partner.

6 Effective Tips to Make A Man Open Up To A Woman

Now, if you don’t want to have mental breakdowns and experience possible heartbreaks just because of over thinking about whether your man is still into you or not, let’s get the wheels in motion.

If you don’t fall into the trap of misreading the room anymore, all you’ve got to do to avoid it, is following a few simple steps that will show results immediately. Results that will stick for the long term. So, without further ado, here are the tips to solve the burning question, “what makes a man open up to a woman?”

1. Open Up First

And I cannot stress this enough. For your significant other to feel that a comfortable environment surrounds him, you should open up about your internal struggles and thoughts first.

Ever heard the words “lead by example”? Well, now is high time that you actually follow that advice. No man will like to open up to someone who has not shown any signs of opening up themselves.

See, you opening up first to them will give them the opportunity to realize that what you two have is real. That he can rely on you like you’re choosing to rely on him. This will ease his worry about whether he’ll cross the line by over sharing if he chooses to open up. Needless to say, communication goes both ways.

2. Don’t Make Assumptions About What’s Going On In His Mind

Over thinking is the main ingredient in most of the problems that cook up in a relationship. Always remember, over thinking sinks the ship. So, don’t be the one to spoil the good things between you two in your relationship.

You have to understand that if you draw conclusions based on groundless reasons, you will only end up making matters worse, for you and for your significant other.

Rather, always approach any conversation with an open mind. Calmly understand what he says or chooses not to say, rather than jumping the bandwagon of drawing baseless conclusions. Give him space to share his thoughts and feelings.

This brings us to the next point.

3. Give Him Space To Open Up

If you really want your man to open up to you, you better stop yourself from rushing to find answers. Hate to break it to you, but this can make the relationship suffocating.

Always have an open mind to realize that your interpretation of his actions may be wrong. Calling it out can wait, but the damage you will do after holding heated conversations based on your interpretation will not.

Instead, give him space. Make him feel welcome whenever you can. So much so that he feels he can hit you up anytime and anywhere with his worries.

But, if you really feel like you can’t keep yourself from confronting him about his feelings, follow through with the next tip.

4. Ask First! (One Nod Of Compliance Can Go A Long Way)

Always ask before initiating any such conversations.

A simple and polite gesture can go a long way. From now on, choose your conversation starters from the likes of “Do you wanna talk about it?” instead of, “We need to talk.”

Additionally, before you decide to hold such conversations with your significant other, accept that he might not be fully prepared to open up.

So, don’t respond to his hesitance about holding such conversations with “So that’s how it is,” rather, try to understand him by saying, “I see. Let me know when you feel like talking about it.”

A few understanding words. One big disaster: avoided.

5. Accept That People Digest Information Differently

This point mainly acts as a follow-through of the previously mentioned point. After you ask to sit for an honest conversation, you need to know your significant other might not be as ready as you are.

So, if he chooses not to reply, try to understand that he might just be thinking about how to open up to you. He might be wondering how to talk about his inner feelings with you. Don’t go making your judgments too quickly. Give him time to respond. Give him the headspace to think about how to respond.

Now that we know that a man needs his own space and mental balance to open up, know that it’s not just space that he needs.

6. A Man Needs Appreciation As Well

See, as much as a man likes their own space and time, they need to feel loved and appreciated as well. Don’t you love it when you get appreciated for the smallest of things you do? A little peck on your cheeks, a quick pat on your back, a light ruffling of your hair?

What makes you think that men might be any different?

Small acts of appreciation like a pat on the shoulder, a hug of acknowledgement, a caress of reassurance will go a long way for them too. Don’t forget that they’re humans too. They, too, have feelings. All these small actions will mean so much more than just a simple hug or a simple pat or a simple act of embracement.

So, get to know your man and appreciate him for the little things he does. The next time he’s going through a tough time, and you can see it in his face, let him know that you’re there for him, but do it subtly.


The answer to what makes a man open up to a woman really is that simple. It’s in the little things you will do to create an impression and bonding so strong that it will last throughout your relationship.

Once you’ve got the hang of stable communication and you can see your man opening up to you bit by bit, the euphoria you will feel will be immeasurable. Just make sure to keep the steady flow going!

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