What To Say When Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You (Save Your Relationship)

When you are in a relationship and your partner leaves you, whether you’re at fault or not, it hurts. It is normal to want to fix things if you still have feelings. So, how can you fix it? What to say when your girlfriend breaks up with you to convince her to come back?

Start with apologizing. Apologize for whatever you may have done to hurt her. Talk about the times you were together and about the good memories. Convey your love through true words. Encourage her to speak about what she was annoyed or bothered about. Promise that you will change and talk about the future you want with her. 

In this article, I have shared some things you can tell her to change her mind about the breakup. It is also important to know if she will be comfortable speaking face to face or over a call. But if she has specified that she does not want any communication, what should you do then? Keep reading to know. 

Things You Can Say to Change Her Mind

Knowing what to say can surely save a dying relationship. So, here are a few things you can say to convince her to rethink her decision.

Apologize for Hurting Her

This has to be the number one rule- apologizing. Whether you were wrong or right, the fact that you want to find ways to change her mind shows you consider her important. Thus, being wrong or right should not matter. Your willingness to acknowledge your mistake will show her you have thought this through. 

Say you are sorry. Take responsibility. You can later approach her about it in detail if she is willing. But apology can often fix things way more than other gestures. When you take accountability for anything that may have triggered her to break up, it might make her consider.

If you have cheated on her, then it might not be easy to convince her and in this case, she might even be right. But if other issues can be fixed, then keep your apology genuine, it might work. 

Reminisce Days Together

Remind her about the first date, the first kiss, the first hug, or these sorts of things. Remind her about a thoughtful memory or one of her habits you love and miss. She will also remember it when you talk about it. 

Talking about old days and cherishing them while apologizing might make up her mind to give you another chance. Women like it when men remember good times and reminisce. It might make your girlfriend feel that you miss her to be recalling those days. 

Express Your Love Through Genuine Words

Remember how you entered her life with sweet words? Yes, use those again, but only if you mean it. If you are looking to change her mind, write a letter, put it all on paper, or speak to her while expressing it. Women love it when men show their true feelings through words. 

If you were not that expressive, maybe that made her leave. Express your opinion about the breakup through a respectful and romantic approach. Let her know she means to you and that you love her. 

Talk About Being Supportive No Matter What She Has to Say

As you engage in a conversation with her, show your tremendous support for her. Say things like, “I know I have not been the man I said I will, but I am here to change.” or “I am all ears, tell me what is hurting you.” Your approach as a supportive person or listener gives her assurance. 

Give her the chance to respond. If you give her a platform to speak about anything she has in mind, she will open up. She will get more comfortable expressing her botheration and pain. If she says anything that you don’t like to hear, and if there is scope to approach peacefully- correct her. Otherwise, listen to whatever she has to say. 

Don’t defend yourself while you are trying to patch up with her. It might intimidate or push her further back to let you speak or approach her. It will also convince her that you are unwilling to fix things genuinely. So, be open to her perspective.

Promise to Change and Talk About the Future You See with Her

Was commitment a problem in your relationship? Were you lethargic about a future with her? Either way, talk about a future that you dream of with her. Talk about your plans and how essential she is to them. The more you engage her with your life and show her your eagerness to be with her, it might change her mind. 

Make her a promise to change whatever habit she did not like. Ensure her to be more mindful and respectful of anything that may have led her to break up. Reflect on the previous mistakes while talking to her to show her you are serious. 

Should You Talk On the Phone or in Person?

What To Say When Your Girlfriend Breaks Up With You

Sometimes, phone calls and text messages get interpreted the wrong way. But it truly depends on how bad your breakup was. If she has asked you not to communicate with her, then it will be wrong to talk in person or even on the phone. But since you want to make it work, it might be okay to try to call her one or two times to just speak over the phone. 

But do not meet her in person when she has asked not to. If you do it anyway, it will make her angry. It might even result in negative consequences for you. So make sure to not breach that wall without her consent. You don’t want to be labeled a stalker, do you?

However, if she did not say anything of that sort, you should start with talking over the phone. She may not be comfortable jumping into details and seeing you right after leaving. She is probably processing the pain and looking to find peace.

As the phone conversations get better, when she is ready to see and listen to you, ask her to meet. Speak with her in person and be respectful of how comfortable she is. 

Should You Let Her Go?

After trying many things, has she still not shown interest to patch up with you? Yeah, then let her go. Whether your actions made her do it or she lost feelings for you, remember there is a time to let things be. There is a time you should allow life to take its course and letting go is better for you too. 

Did you cheat on her? Well, after trying to apologize multiple times, if her pain still does not seem to decrease, and she just cannot trust you- leave her alone. Your constant apology might be annoying and painful for her. Let her go and let her heal. 


Sometimes you cannot control whether a person changes their mind about you. But you sure can control how you deal with it. I hope from this article you have found some ideas on what to say when your girlfriend breaks up with you. If none of this works, move on and let her too. You’ll for sure find someone else who can appreciate you more.  

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