When Do Guys Realize That They Lost A Good Girl And How Do They Deal With It?

Some guys made it an example of treating girls in the worst possible way. This makes every woman question if guys actually realize that they lost a good girl? Particularly when they are on the lookout for someone else.

Guys regret losing a good girl if they were in love with that girl and cared for her. After a breakup, most men come to this realization when they spend their alone time contemplating on their relationship status. This is the point at which men begin to miss and regret leaving the girl behind.

If a guy ever had feelings for a girl, no matter how nice or horrible she was, he will start to miss her at some point after the breakup.  But when do guys realize they lost a good girl? Well, let’s get into that.

When Do Guys Realize That They Lost A Good Girl?

It’s up to the individual how long it takes for him to come to this realization. What type of person he is, what kind of people he hangs out with, and his views on women are some of the biggest factors. It normally takes 3-4 months for a guy who genuinely cared for the girl to realize what he had lost.

People don’t usually acknowledge the good things in life until they lose them. So it’s only normal for guys to first lose the good girl and then realize it. Here are some probable factors for a guy to realize that he lost a good girl!

When He Cannot Find Someone Better

Nowadays, it’s tough to find a good person. If a guy is looking for casual relationships, he probably doesn’t care about girls being good. But in the long run, when guys actually want to settle down, they do look for someone good, caring, loving, and understanding.

With this world full of selfish people, it’s not that easy to find someone good. Most guys realize that they have lost a good girl when they cannot find someone better or at least as good as the one they lost.

When it comes to finding a new partner, a great ex-girlfriend sets the bar high. He goes on the lookout for women in accordance with that. After failing to meet someone even closer to that standard, he eventually realizes what he’s lost.

When He Realizes His Love

Oftentimes, guys do not realize that they lost a good girl until they realize their love for that girl. When a guy is in need of love and care, and he finds no one by his side, that’s when he realizes what he’s lost.

No matter how good of a girl you are, if your guy never loved you, he will never miss you. And he will never realize his loss because he doesn’t even count it as one.

Most men don’t care to treat their girls right when they’re in a relationship, which results in a breakup. When they’re left alone in their own space, they cannot let go of the good memories and their love for the girl.

When He’s Done Playing It Cool

After a breakup, most guys want to relive their single life. They hang out with friends, attend parties and movies, and spend most of their free time playing video games.

This time frame will come to an end in around two to three months. As soon as the thrill of being single wears off, they find themselves recalling the girl’s memories.

When He Realizes His Problems

It is not very rare for a guy to realize his problems. But it is rare for a guy to admit it. A good girl will not leave a guy if he’s as good as her! He has got to make mistakes frequently and treat her badly to make her leave.

The problem is, most guys don’t admit their negative traits. But when they do, or at least, when they realize it, it makes them feel guilty. And with guilt comes regret.

Signs When Guys Regret Losing A Good Girl

According to popular belief, men lack the mysterious qualities that women do. When a guy is experiencing something incredibly intense, it is more apparent in his behavior. Men lack the expertise to keep their feelings under wraps. Here are some signs that could tell if a guy regrets losing a girl!

He Keeps Contacting The Girl

This is the most obvious thing a guy would do if he regrets losing a good girl. He will try to contact her, talk to her. At one point, he will try to persuade her to get back. And if he’s too much into her, he might even call her friends and tell them to convince her!

Although it depends on the person, whether they will keep on trying to get back. But they will definitely do it for at least a month or two. They will try every way to be friends with the girl, and they will make sure of it. 

He Shares His Emotions

If the guy is an extrovert, he will go to every other person and share his feelings with them. Although he will do it subconsciously, which actually justifies that he has real feelings for her.

Even if the guy is not an extrovert, has very few friends, and doesn’t talk a lot, he won’t be able to escape this phase. A guy would definitely talk with his friends about the girl he regrets losing. He will show that he wants to go back to her in every possible way!

He Doesn’t Move On

Most of the men don’t even realize that they are not able to move on. As I said earlier, guys like to play it cool. But to their surprise, their friends and peers can obviously notice that.

If a guy acts like he’s really moving on, seeing other girls and enjoying their time, I hate to break it down to you, they’re absolutely broken. They’re obviously not moving on, and probably even crying oceans at home!

He Keeps Reminiscing The Good Times

This is actually a good way to tell if a guy is regretting his decision. If he talks a lot about the good times way more than he talks about the bad times, he’s feeling guilty and having a hard time getting over her.

Most of the time, they don’t even remember the bad times, because the girl they lost had such a positive impact on their lives.

When Do Guys Realize That They Lost A Good Girl

How Long Does It Take Guys To Realize Their Loss?

It actually depends on the person. Some take a few months, while some have to live half their life to realize it. But, the sooner the guy realizes, the better the chances are to get back.

Some guys realize that they lost a good girl right after they leave. It happens because of his lack of interaction. Some realize this while they’re seeing or dating another person. This happens because they’re not having the experience with the new person that they expected.

If the guy is good, he will realize it sooner. But if it takes him a lot of time, he probably didn’t value his girl properly. As soon as the guy realizes that he was the problematic one, he also realizes the gravity of his loss.

What Should You Do If Your Ex Regrets Losing You?

If your ex is hung up on you and wants to get back, you should give him a chance only if he truly fixes himself. But make sure he doesn’t get the chance to leave you again. However, if he stays just the same, leave him without thinking twice.

If you’re not in love with him anymore, just say it clearly. Don’t hesitate to think you’re going to break his heart. It is better for the two of you to just stop contacting each other.

Well, if you’re confused about whether to give it a shot, then communicate and explain your situation with clarity. It’s best not to try again if your perspectives aren’t clear. This could ruin whatever you had left between each other.


Although it’s not that easy to tell when do guys realize they lost a good girl. But if they actually had a good girl by their side, they will definitely realize it sooner or later.

The only way to tell if a guy realizes his great loss of losing a good girl is their love for the girl. If a guy never loved that girl, he wouldn’t realize it ever. In fact, he wouldn’t even take it as a loss. So, keep that in mind if you’re a girl, and you’re thinking when do guys realize that they lost a good girl.

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