Why Am I Confused About My Feelings? (What To Do)

Most of the time we tend to think that every relationship is perfect the way it is. What we often forget is that nothing is perfect. And when something bothers you more than it should, it’s probably a matter of concern.

Being confused about your feelings towards any relationship is undoubtedly one of the worst feelings. Most of the time it happens because you have rushed into the relationship. Which makes you unsure about the person you’re with.

Feeling confused about certain emotions is a lot more frustrating than just feeling confused in general. People then come across with the unanswered question, “Why am I confused about my feelings?” In this article, I will be discussing the most possible answers to this.

Reasons Why You Are Confused About Your Feelings

There are a lot of reasons why you are confused about your feelings. Whether it’s you being unsure of your feelings or the people around you causing the confusion, you have to look for solutions.

If you have hurriedly gone into a relationship, because you had your own reasons, then it’s much possible that you might feel confused later. Ask yourself “Why am I confused about my feelings?” If you get no proper answer, here are a few reasons you might look into.

You Don’t Feel Close To This Person

Being close to someone in a relationship is what makes the relationship stronger. You meet someone, you become friends with them, you spend more and more time and this is how you let them come inside your life. When you don’t feel close to the person, the relationship ends right there.

Maybe you don’t feel close to someone because they are not your type. This might make you feel confused about your feelings. If you are truly in love with the person, you will feel a deep and spiritual closeness with that person. The absence of a sense of closeness results in confusion.

You Don’t Have A Positive Feeling About The Relationship

It happens a lot of times when people don’t feel positive about their relationship with someone. But they won’t talk about it because they’re afraid of losing that person. If you don’t have a positive feeling about your relationship, you should definitely talk it out.

The feeling of negativity can come from various reasons. It could be your partner is engaged with something bad, or you are completely unaware of things inside your head. Whatever the reason is, not having a positive feeling causes the ultimate confusion.

You Don’t Have Common Ground With The Person

This is another biggest reason why you feel confused about your feelings. Having a common ground gives us a sense of safety and security. If you and your partner have a lot of common things between yourselves, you will feel safer being with that person. You will feel like you’re not being judged.

However, if there’s nothing common in between, you will miss that sense of a safe place. This will screw your thoughts and you’ll end up feeling confused whether or not you should be with the person.

Signs That You Are Confused About Your Feelings

From being absent in the relationship to feeling suffocated, the signs that you are confused about your feelings may vary. The faster you acknowledge the signs, the faster you will come up with a solution to this.

Even if you want your relationship to work out, you can still be confused about your feelings. The signs might be as simple as someone else influencing the thought of being in a relationship inside your head. Here are a few signs that you are confused about your feelings:

You Spend A Lot Of Time Overthinking

If you’re confused in your head, you might spend a lot of time just overthinking everything regarding that relationship. You might just be worried “why am I feeling confused?” or “why am I not feeling anything at all?”. All of the questions will run inside your mind every now and then.

You might spend your nights without sleeping. You might also start analyzing your partner’s actions and behaviors towards you. Or how the relationship is going on. You will want to get rid of this confusing feeling once and for all.

You Don’t Enjoy The Company

If you catch yourself in a situation where you are not enjoying the company, or nothing your partner does is enough for you, then you will feel confused later. If someone cannot make you feel good to be around them, they are probably not the one.

When the thought of them not being the one hits you, you get confused. You might think that you’ve been completely honest about your feelings. But you might’ve never figured it out properly.

It could also mean that you expected something different and you got something else. Now your partner is trying their best but you just want things to happen differently.

You Feel Forced To Be In This Relationship

This is the most common sign for someone to feel confused about their feelings later. It happens mostly in marriages. If you are in a forced relationship, means if you are with someone because of peer pressure, then you’ll feel confused at a point no matter what.

Since you never completely agreed on being with the person, and you’re only with them because your family told you that you have to, there is no scope of love. If there is no love at the foundation, there will definitely be confusion along the way.

Things To Do When You Are Confused

Your emotions are one of the most important parts of who you are. They define who you are. If you haven’t figured your emotions out yet, then you probably have to give it a good thought. A good amount of time for yourself and proper actions will help you get out of this situation.

Take Things Slow

Nothing can be any better than taking time. Give yourself and the other person a little space. Take all the time to analyze why you are feeling this way.

Think about all the possible things that may cause confusion in you. If the time tells you that you need to get rid of the relationship, trust your guts!

Talk To Your Partner

Once you have known about all the possible reasons, try communicating with your partner. Communication is the key.

Maybe you have been in the relationship for a long time and you are suddenly seeing the changes in you, but you both want to work it out. Interacting with each other about your feelings is the best way to come up with a solution.

Take Professional Help

Seeking professional help is always good and healthy. If you both can’t figure out what is happening to you, you should always go to a specialist who has been dealing with problems like this for a long time. Seek therapy or counseling. You will always find something fruitful.


Whatever situation you might be in, if you find the right reasons for why you’re confused, take as much time as possible, and then communicate with your partner, you will surely find a way out!

Confusions are always irritating. If you find yourself asking, “Why am I confused about my feelings?” you might also find yourself being irritated at the relationship almost all the time. Searching for clarity should be the goal for you.