Why Is He Always on My Mind, and What Does It Mean?

It’s not often that you meet a man who takes your breath away. It’s a feeling that gets you head over heels, and you feel a rush of butterflies in your stomach. You might wonder, “Why is he always on my mind and what does it mean?” It means so much and a lot more than that.

These feelings are not just restricted to when you are in a relationship. It can also happen after a breakup. And that just rips you to shreds. The feeling of loneliness and the surge of nostalgia takes you back to the time when you were with him and just makes you more vulnerable. 

These are just a few of the reasons why he’s always on your mind. There are countless other reasons which you might have never guessed, and that’s where I step in to help you understand these thoughts in your mind which make you relate everything to him.

Why Do You Keep Thinking About Him?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or just got out of one. If you have feelings for a boy, your emotions will be on a constant roller coaster ride until you come to your senses. You have fallen for this man and invested your time and thoughts in him. So, it’s no surprise if he pops up in your dreams now and then.

His words keep ringing in your ears and his thoughts don’t leave even when you want them to. As much as it sounds adorable, it can be extremely detrimental for you if you don’t get a hold of your emotions soon. And the only way to do so would be to understand why you’re constantly thinking of him. 

Why is it that whenever you look at him, your face glows up, and you can’t help but melt? Why does the thought of him being with other women give you so much anxiety and confusion? Do you feel upset? Or just jealous? These are things that will keep you up at night if you don’t take control of your own emotions. 

So, it’s necessary to get to the bottom of this so that you don’t lose your state of mind because of some thoughts that continue to occupy your mind. Let me dive into most of the reasons, and together we will walk through each of the reasons why he’s always on your mind. What does it mean? And how can you cope with it? Let’s find out!

Reasons Why He’s Always on Your Mind

There can be multiple reasons why a boy is constantly on your mind. I have listed a few of those reasons below, and together we’ll go through them one by one to get a more in-depth analysis of the whole situation.


The word nostalgia might come as a cliché, but it’s truly one of the most powerful emotions that you can feel. It takes you back to a time you cherished. A time when all your emotions were at ease, and you felt like you were at the top of the world.

It might also make you feel sad and depressed depending on the type of memories that you shared with this particular boy. 

So, let’s say you have an amazing couple of years with the boy you thought you’d always be with. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned and you both agreed to separate. This will not automatically switch off your feelings for him. And it will continue to bug you for days on end.

Now, whenever you will look back and be reminded of those memories, all your inner feelings will come on display. This will just end up causing you to act in certain ways that you’re not in control of. These thoughts will continue to remind you of him non-stop, and it’s simply not that easy to get rid of them.


Loneliness can be very dangerous. It’s a feeling that consistently eats away your sanity because you have no control over it. Maybe you’re missing someone with whom you’ll never be able to have a conversation ever again. Now you will continue to feel that void in your heart, and it will consistently remind you of that particular person.

To take back your sanity, you could try hanging out with your friends or finding other forms of entertainment that will keep your mind off him. But even so, it will not be an easy task. Just because you’re going out with other people and having the time of your life, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get rid of your feelings just like that.

This is very natural because, at the end of the day, when you come home from your parties and gatherings, you’ll still miss the person who’s not in your life anymore. He’s not there for you to share your love with. And this will just end up making you lonely and think about him.

In such cases, it’s better to just go out of your way and reach out if that’s possible. But don’t do that at the expense of your own well-being and self-respect. Because that would just be too toxic for you to handle.

It’s a Fantasy You Crave

We all have our worlds and imaginations. A picture-perfect fantasy that makes you fall into a trance and daydream constantly. It might be something that you love and adore. And in this case, that fantasy revolves around the man you can’t stop thinking of.

In your head, you want a perfect relationship and a fantasy with this person of your dreams. But what you need to realize is that this whole thing is very unrealistic and can be quite toxic at times. You will never be able to locate someone who ticks all the boxes. You need to accept the ugly with the pretty.

And there are times when you try to force this fantasy onto people you’re infatuated or in love with. This will further turn that person into an object of desire for you. And this fantasy will have a clouding effect on your judgment, and you won’t be able to think straight for days. 

You can’t expect a person to project all these fantasies. This leads to an unhealthy obsession that slowly makes you go insane. The worst part is that you’re unable to do much about this in the first place. 

What Can You Do?

When you’re obsessing over a specific person, there isn’t much you can do in the first place. You can start by taking a step back and looking around a bit. You might be able to identify the reasons for your obsession. And then it’s completely up to you on how you decide to deal with it.

Rather than keeping it all locked up inside, it’s best to embrace the feelings and then try to move past them. Because, if you continue to bottle it up, there will come a time when it will all burst out into the open. And you’ll have an even more difficult time dealing with that. So, it’s best to always try to be in control of the situation, no matter how difficult it might be.


Now that we’re finally at the end, you won’t have to keep asking yourself “Why is he always on my mind and what does it mean?” So, wherever you go through such thoughts, just remember that there is a reason behind all of them. And once you figure them out, you’ll be able to deal with all of them.

That’s it for this article. I hope you were able to garner some knowledge regarding such an intimate topic. And I hope that you’ll be able to put it to good use. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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