Why My Boyfriend Is Always Busy And Tired (Secret Solutions)

It can be difficult to stay in a relationship with a tired and busy partner who is always working. You might end up embarrassing yourself if you try to visit or call him amid his busy schedule. In fact, a lot of women go through this and ask themselves, why my boyfriend is always busy and tired?

Your boyfriend could be rushing to meet deadlines or struggling to keep up with work. It’s possible he’s going through something serious, and the best thing you can do is support him.  Show him love and support to make things easier for him. Look for ways to improve your communication, focus on your own life, and avoid thinking about him all the time.

Busy schedules may leave you both at a crossroads from time to time, but don’t give up. Even if both of your job lives are quite hectic, there are many ways to keep things alive. So, without further ado, let’s see what you can do if your boyfriend is always busy.

How To Deal With A Busy Boyfriend?

No one needs to end their loving relationships just because work life is getting in the way. Here are some ways you can maintain a healthy relationship when your boyfriend is always busy and tired:

Ask For His Schedule

Ask about his time and schedule to learn when he is free and when you can peacefully talk about each of your days. That way, you will know when to call him and leave him alone for his own good.

Anybody can carve out some quality time to connect with those they love. If your man is unable to do so, well, that is a conversation for a rainy day.

Plan To Make The Best Out Of Calls And Visits

If you get to see your boyfriend once in a blue moon, make your conversations and dates enjoyable and unforgettable when you do. Even if it only means binging on Netflix or cooking a lovely dinner, plan it out beforehand.

And if you are anxious about missing something you want to do, make notes to not run out of things to do and talk about when you two get together.

Discuss When Is The Best Time To Meet

You can’t assume you have the liberty to call or surprise him whenever you want. It is not only smart, but also polite to discuss the best time to go on dates or talk.

So, the next time you are talking to him, ask him when he can take some time off for you. Or if he likes talking over texts or phone calls, maybe you two can work something out.

For example, if he has free time during the weekdays, you can go for lunch. Or if he can spare some time after a class, you guys can have a chat then.

Look For Fun Activities To Do Together

Going on long dates every week isn’t a luxury everyone has, especially when your boyfriend is busy. That is why you should find other activities that you can do together and have fun!

For starters, maybe go on morning walks together or sign up for a gym membership. You could also do something that your boyfriend is already doing. If he takes singing or art classes on a Sunday, why not join him?

3 Ways To Handle A Workaholic Boyfriend

Working and responsibility could be a lot for your boyfriend, and the last thing he needs from you is to jump to conclusions. A bit of affection and support could make things easier for him to make it through the day.

So, we found some things for you to do to help your boyfriend relax after a stressful day:

1. Make Dinner For Him

We all know that the best way to get into a man’s heart is through his stomach, so prepare a nice meal for your boyfriend.

A nice, simple meal can make his day better in no time, even better if it is his all-time favorite meal.

2. Be Proud And Supportive

You may not know, but there are things that may bother your boyfriend. So, knowing someone is proud of him and will always support him will make him feel at ease.

Remind him how good he is at anything he does, compliment him, and assure him that you are always here for him. It will only motivate your boyfriend and help him get through the day. Let him know it is okay to take a break and slow things down.

3. Give Him Some Alone Time

We all look forward to spending some time alone after a long day, some quiet time to recharge in peace.

So, leave your boyfriend alone and let him rearrange himself in his own way. Remember, he will need the rest before he faces another long day.

How To Keep Yourself Occupied When You Have A Busy And Tired Boyfriend?

Why My Boyfriend Is Always Busy And Tired

Most of the time, you may feel like your boyfriend isn’t paying enough attention to you and start assuming something is wrong. But, it could be something else, and he clearly has something important going on, and you’re doubting him may make things ugly.

So, the best you can do is avoid bothering him. Here are some ways you can keep yourself occupied:

1. Find New Hobbies

Do things that you will enjoy without your boyfriend. Your life shouldn’t be all about your boyfriend, and you need a life outside your relationship.

For instance, you can learn a new language, find a new novel to read, or go shopping for yourself.

Once you get out of your comfort zone and start living a life outside your relationship, you will find a number of fun things to do.

2. Make Time For Your People

Your boyfriend isn’t the only important person in your life, so think about the others in your life and make time for them.

Start by spending time with your regular friends who share the same interests as you. Go out to concerts, watch movies, have brunches, shop with them, and go for picnics.

Avoid spending time with friends who always seem needy, doubting, or complaining about their own boyfriends. That kind of behavior may influence you and have an impact on your relationship.

3. Cut Back On Social Media

Spending too much time on social media may make you miss your boyfriend more. But, constantly contacting your boyfriend will only make you seem needy and clingy.

You shouldn’t be the only one trying to communicate in your relationship; make room for your boyfriend to approach. Avoid texting him and calling him every few hours. Give him some time and when he is free, he will surely come back to you.

4. Focus On Your Life

Your relationship shouldn’t consume your whole life. You have a life of your own where you have plans, goals, and ambitions.

Remember, your relationship is a part of your life like your career and friendships are a part. So consider all things and set your priorities straight.


To wrap it all up, it is hard to have a busy and tired boyfriend all the time, but learning to respect his time and finding a world of your own is the way to go.

So, if you were asking yourself, “why my boyfriend is always busy and tired?” I hope you found your answer and learned everything you needed to know to deal with this situation. Thank you for stopping by.

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