Words Of Kindness | Two Chums

by Two Chums on July 10, 2024

Words Of Kindness Two Chums

The “words to live by” we would offer to you today really have to do with kindness and empathy.

Words Of Kindness Two Chums

We saw this on social media and we were touched at the kindness it demonstrates. We knew we wanted to share this with you, our chums:

“I heard my mother asking the neighbors for salt. But we had plenty of salt at home.I asked her why she asked the neighbors for salt. She replied to me, ‘Because our neighbors don’t have a lot of money and they often ask us for something. From time to time I also ask them for something small and economical, so that they feel we need them too. This way, they will feel more comfortable and it will be easier to continue asking for what they need.’ That’s what I learned from my mother…let’s build empathetic, humble, supportive children with too many values to mention.”

Let’s show kindness and empathy for those around us. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you may know nothing about … so be kind. Or as we reminded you yesterday… just LOVE MORE!

Jackie and Robin

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