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Drumroll please . . .

I’m going with TUES / THURS / FRIDAY!

After a thorough analysis I think this will have a few benefits, which I will detail below. I will be taking my lighter day (it’s like 2/3 of a full day, which is proportional to what my colleagues get) on Thursday mornings most weeks, which I think will be nice because whatever has accumulated on Wednesday can be dealt with during that time.


+ NOT rushing to clinical work on a Monday – slightly less stressful start to the week.

+ NOT rushing back to clinical work after a weeklong vacation!! AND, being able to catchup on nonclinical work post vacation on Monday.

+ NOT working my post-call Mondays. I probably won’t be that productive but honestly the Tuesdays after call (post working 8 days straight) aren’t currently that productive either. It will be so nice to just chill for a bit after signing out to a colleague on Monday morning.

+ At the same time, I’m usually feeling pretty productive and ready to go on Monday, so I think this will work in my favor with my creative work on that day

+ If I take just a Tuesday off, I can manufacture a handy little 5 day weekend. That is a nice stretch and could come in handy on occasion.

Work Days Things The Shu
local public school calendar – not where A/C/G go but similar number of Mondays off.
Here I see 6, not counting winter / spring / TGiving break.


+ There are a number of Monday holidays where the kids have off and I would previously have been working in the office. There’s actually one almost every month! I probably will not be as productive those days at home. However, that doesn’t mean I will be entirely unproductive. Plus, I will eliminate the automatic loss of PTO on Labor Day / Memorial Day, so that’s two Tuesdays I could randomly take off to counteract this (perhaps during my busier fall season).

+ Doing a Thurs/Fri/Sat type of long weekend (the kind I often do with Laura) would eat through a lot of PTO. Maybe we’ll move to a Tuesday night –> Thursday night configuration, or even Mon –> Weds.

+ Thanksgiving will eat through 2 days PTO – but I often take Weds/Fri anyway so that isn’t really a change

+ Coming in on Tuesdays I probably will arrive to a bit of a backlog, but technically it’s only one business day so shouldn’t be TOOOO horrendous. I will assume that Tuesdays might be my longest days, but that’s okay — perhaps Josh can even drive that morning so I can get in a little early (tends to be his most flexible day).

Thank you all for your feedback/ideas!

Other Follow Up Etc

A enjoyed her first gymnastics team training session. I still can’t get over the length (3.5 hrs!) but she said it wasn’t boring as they changed activities a lot throughout the session. I guess I did have 3 hr (?) cheer practices when I was in high school, so this isn’t THAAAT much longer.

(It still seems long! I’m both excited for her and nervous that it’s just a lot.)

During the school year, these sessions will be something like 5:15 pm – 8:15 pm 3x/week. ANDDDD I just found out yesterday that for next year C’s soccer practices will move to 7:15 pm, finishing 8:15 or 8:45 depending on the day (previously were 5:45 – 7:15!!). So basically – our evenings will be really full next year. Josh is planning to use that soccer training window as his running time, which would work really nicely.

(Soccer dropoff/pickup would be fine except that when the lightning alarm goes off it’s kind of bad if you aren’t there so usually we wait, especially in the bad weather months. We don’t live quite as close to soccer, either — it’s most like 15 minutes than <10.)


I liked Elisabeth’s post yesterday on her experiences blogging! I loved her pro tip of using the “save for later” feature in Feedly to mark posts that she wants to comment on when reading on her phone. I need to do this! I’ll often have something I want to leave in the comments but then not do it because I’m on my phone or my work computer (comment sections are often blocked by a firewall).

I really enjoy blogging. It remains the one part of my ‘creative career’ that just does not feel like work. I’m not saying that I don’t ENJOY the other parts (podcasts, courses, speaking, other writing) but they do feel like work. FUN work, but work.

Writing here just feels natural. That might be because I have been doing it for 20 years but I also think it’s the community aspect — it feels like sharing with friends. I always write with the idea that anyone I know could read this — because they can (and some do!). This doesn’t bother me but is just always in my mind. I’m generally more concerned with oversharing others’ stories (the kids) than my own.

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