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Running + Strength

I’m not sure when 47 miles started to feel like a lower mileage week, but it kind of did. This level of running felt very manageable — I guess because most of the weekday runs were closer to an hour rather than longer.

Workouts Reading The Shu

And, I am happy to report that strength training is back in my life! The Stronger You program with Ben Alldis (on Peloton) is about what I was looking for right now – simple / short / sweet workouts that are still leaving me sore.

Assume that every run was in pretty gross conditions. That will be the default for the next few months.

M: 8 mi @ 9:30/mi with strides at end.

T: 7.4 mi @ 9:18/mi average with some mild speedwork – 2 mi warmup, 30 min of 1 min fast / 2 min recovery, 2 mi cooldown. I did the “fast” portions anywhere from 6:49/mi to 7:41/mi (kind of inconsistent). This was a fun workout. 20 min “benchmark test” as part of Stronger You. I tracked my weights/reps in an Apple Note. 5 min warmup / 10 min full body stretch.

W: 7 mi @ 9:42/mi, felt kind of dehydrated and tired

R: Treadmill because I just craved a day of NOT getting up super early and not running in the heat/humidity. 7.2 mi total, 6 – 6.5 mph and then 4 x 30 second strides at end using 3% incline + 8 mph. Upper body strength (20 min) + stretch (5 min)

F: 6 mi @ 9:03/mi in light rain, loved that! Felt better than usual out there.

S: 12 mi @ 9:21/mi average (kept it pretty relaxed), 15 min lower body (deadlifts, squats, split squats), 5 min core, 5 min stretch

S: Will be another 20 min strength block + 10 min stretch; I’m not sure why they programmed two consecutive days but we will see how this goes. Hopefully not too much lower body in this one!

TOTALS: 47.6 mi / 4 20+ minute strength sessions (!)


I finished Playing Big which is good because our Patreon book club is coming up on Tuesday!! I thought it contained some great ideas + inspiration and am excited to discuss.

I am ~70% through Still Life because apparently I decided to scroll Reddit instead. (See below). I anticipate my reading totals will go up with my new declaration.

Books of 2024 so far:

Screen Life

A new section? Well, for now anyway.

1 Day Reddit-free — check 🙂 Woohoo! However, I am going to share last week’s abysmal screen times because hopefully this will be a “before” picture:

1718550098 500 Workouts Reading The Shu

I mean could it be worse? Probably. But it could also be way way better. Here’s the breakdown of what my phone says these minutes were spent on:

1718550099 383 Workouts Reading The Shu
weekly totals

(I think the “Safari” also includes a lot of Reddit because I don’t always use the app.)

Even reclaiming ONE HOUR daily to do something other than scroll would be a major victory. Here we go!

(I regret none of the time on messages, YouTube, or Duolingo! I am not aiming for zero screen time just more intentionally allocated screen time!)

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