Why Can’t I Keep a Relationship

Common Reasons for Relationship Failure To identify why your past relationships failed, explore the common reasons for relationship failure. Lack of communication, trust issues, different life goals, lack of emotional connection and infidelity are some of the key issues that make or break a relationship. In order to go deep into each reason, keep reading … Read more

What Does Intentions Mean in a Relationship

What are intentions in a relationship? Intentions in a relationship refer to one’s underlying motivations for being involved with their partner. These may include desires for love, companionship, shared experiences, and growth together. Effective communication is crucial in determining shared intentions to ensure compatibility and the longevity of the relationship. In a healthy relationship, both … Read more

Why is Reassurance Important in a Relationship

Importance of Reassurance in Being in a Relationship Reassurance is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship. It establishes trust, increases intimacy and reduces anxiety. Regular affirmation of love, appreciation and commitment can strengthen the bond. Being transparent about feelings and addressing doubts will prevent misunderstandings from spiralling into conflicts. Assuming that one’s partner understands their … Read more

How Long Does the Honeymoon Phase Last in a Rebound Relationship

The Concept of Rebound Relationships Starting a romantic relationship soon after a breakup is known as a rebound relationship. Partners get involved in such relationships before healing from the previous one. Initially, the partners experience intense emotions in what is commonly referred to as the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase of a rebound relationship is … Read more

How to Pace a Relationship

Importance of pacing in a relationship Maintaining a healthy pace in a relationship holds immense importance. Slowly building emotional connections, trust, and intimacy can lead to longer-lasting relationships. Consistently overwhelming one otra with gestures and overbearing emotions may lead to negative consequences. The key is to find a balance and take the time to understand … Read more

How to Stop Forcing a Relationship

Signs that you are forcing a relationship Forcing a relationship can have negative consequences for both parties. Here are some indications that you may be forcing a relationship: You feel pressure to meet certain expectations, either from yourself or others You constantly compromise your own values and beliefs to make the relationship work You find … Read more

What Do You Call a Relationship Without Dating

Understanding a Relationship without Dating When two individuals share an intimate bond, but without engaging in traditional romantic activities such as dating, it can be referred to as a platonic relationship. A platonic relationship is non-sexual and void of typical commitments of a romantic partnership. This type of connection is often based on mutual interests, … Read more

How to Stop Being Selfish in a Relationship

Understanding Selfishness in Relationships Self-centeredness can be detrimental in relationships, leading to misunderstandings and conflict. By understanding our motives for being selfish and how it affects our partners, we can learn to change and grow as individuals. Self-reflecting on our actions is key to breaking patterns of self-absorption. Focusing only on our own needs without … Read more

Why Do Guys Like to Be in Control in a Relationship

Introduction The desire for control in a relationship is sometimes attributed to masculine gender roles, societal expectations and personal insecurities. Men may have been socialized to believe they should be the dominant partner and may feel more secure when in charge. However, this viewpoint can also stem from individual differences and unique relationships. Men who … Read more

How to Find Yourself in a Relationship

Determine What You Want Out of the Relationship Identify Your Relationship Expectations Knowing what you desire out of a relationship is crucial to finding yourself in one. Ask yourself what you genuinely seek in a partner, whether it’s emotional support, lifelong commitment, or a casual fling. Be honest with yourself and determine your priorities. Understand … Read more