How to Make a Guy Feel Guilty for Hurting You (11 Ideas)

How to Make a Guy Feel Guilty for Hurting You

Having relationship problems due to your guy being inconsiderate? Is he not paying enough attention to your feelings? You can never control how other people behave. But there are certain tricks to make sure you are being treated the way you want. So, the question is, how to make a guy feel guilty for hurting … Read more

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Wants to be Friends?

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Wants to be Friends

Breaking up with your partner is painful. Most people think it is excellent if your ex wants you back. Is it, though? Well, no. Not always, especially if your ex wants you back but as a friend. You might be curious to know, “If your ex wants to be friends with what does that mean?” … Read more

How To Be A Kind Hearted Person (7 Tips)

How To Be A Kind Hearted Person scaled

A kind-hearted person could be someone who greets you in passing, holds open the door for you, or simply someone who smiles at you. We all have our idea and definition of what a kind-hearted person is, but we can all agree that a kind-hearted person is generally someone who makes us feel good! These … Read more

What Cheating Does to A Woman’s Self Esteem? (Detailed)

What Cheating Does to A Woman

Shortcomings are natural in a relationship and are often reasoned with unless there is betrayal. Some women who get cheated forgive their partners out of love, while some move away. But in both scenarios, women break down mentally and start questioning their self-worth. Thus, men should know what cheating does to a woman’s self-esteem.  Cheating completely … Read more

Do Exes Always Come Back? [WHY]

Do Exes Always Come Back

For most people, breakups are one of the most difficult and confusing times to go through. No one expects their relationship to fall through after all the time and effort they have put in to get to know the other person. So, during such times, it’s only natural that you find yourself wondering about do … Read more

What is Considered a Long Term Relationship

Defining a Long-Term Relationship To understand what is considered a long-term relationship, turn your attention to the defining factors that come into play. Gain insights into the two key sub-sections, namely the characteristics of long-term relationships and the duration of long-term relationships. Characteristics of Long-Term Relationships Long-term relationships are those that last for a significant … Read more