5 Steps to Control Your Habits

5 steps to control your habits

All of us have habits, notions we go through on a daily basis, sometimes even without thinking about it. How many times have you picked up a bag of crisps, just because you were going to watch your favourite TV show? The whole point wasn’t the crisp itself, but the activity. Or, in with other … Read more

Are You Missing Out on Your Present?

An attitude of gratitude

The way we think determines the way we feel about our lives. If we constantly keep listing the things we don’t want, we attract more of them. Why? Because of the way the law of attraction works. The more you focus your energy on something, the more you have of that thing. But, in most … Read more

10 Psychological Tricks You Can Try on Your Friends

10 Psychological tricks you can try on your friends

Having a cognitive advantage over other people is fascinating, isn’t it? Here is a list psychological tricks you can try on your friends to see its results. Are they being genuine with you? Let’s say you are having a conversation with someone and they are smiling at you, how would you know if they are … Read more