10 Psychological Tricks You Can Try on Your Friends

Having a cognitive advantage over other people is fascinating, isn’t it? Here is a list psychological tricks you can try on your friends to see its results.

Are they being genuine with you?

Let’s say you are having a conversation with someone and they are smiling at you, how would you know if they are being genuine with you? All you must do is to look for the crinkles around their eyes. If they are not being genuine, there won’t be any. It can also work in a friend group, like if you want to know whether your joke was funny or not, you can look for crinkles.

Are you being watched?

You have the feeling that you are being watched, but don’t want to make it socially uncomfortable by confirming it? Here is the psychological tip/tricks you can try. Since yawning is considered contagious, make yourself yawn and make sure that the concerned person sees you yawn. Now all you have to do is look at them if they yawn too. If yes, voilà!

Making people agree on something

When you are talking to a person and you want them to agree with what you are saying or asking them, keep on nodding your head. It creates the impression that you are passionate about the thing and know what you are saying. In the end the other person is likely to agree with you, most probably by nodding his/her head.

Extracting information from someone

If you are asking someone about something and you feel like they are holding something and not telling the whole truth, the psychological trick is to stare them right into their eye and maintain this stare for a considerable time. Maintain your eye contact and stay quiet. It is very likely to make the other person uncomfortable with the situation and tell you the whole truth of the matter to break this awkwardness.

Winning at Rock Paper Scissors every time

Before playing the game, ask your opponent a question. For example, how’s your dog doing? The trick is that they are most likely to choose scissors as their first move.

Having difficulty in maintaining eye contact for long enough?

Eye contact is considered essential when you are trying to gain the trust of the other person you are talking to. The ploy here is to observe the color of their eye. Not just the basic color of the eye but try to analyses the shade of that color, or how it changes color with light. The time it takes to analyze is considered optimal for maintaining eye contact.

How to know who likes you!

While talking to your friend or a partner, pick a word or sentence and every time the other person uses it, or something close to it, nod or smile. If they start using it more often it means they like you.

To catch a person lying to you

The movement of eyeball is essential in this trick. If you ask a question, keep looking at the movement of their eye. If they move their eye to the right it means they are being truthful and if they move their eye to the left it means they are constructing the answer at the spot, in short lying. Other psychological tricks include the lack of details in their answer and excessive blinking.

Measuring the relationships within your friend group

It can work in work environment, too. When all your friends are together and having a laugh, pay attention to who looks at who when they laugh. Also pay attention to yourself. A person is more likely to look at another person, while laughing, with whom they have the closest bond. It gauges who is closer to who.

Showing that you are a great listener

Having several things on your mind but can’t concentrate on the conversation you are having? Here is a simple psychological trick. In order to appear to be a good listener, just paraphrase it back to them what they just said. This will make them believe that you are listening to them with full concentration.

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