6 of Pentacles Rx: Still, Old News

6 of Pentacles Rx: Still, Old News

Fantastic Lord almighty.

I pull these playing cards for the forecast&#8211a in the vicinity of-precise repeat from past week no less, and I question if they are for me or for you.

I re-read that column regularly during final week in an hard work to stay in my individual lane. But I&#8217m not just performing this gig for myself, so I confident hope it&#8217s helpful to you as properly!

The repetition in power is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I woke up right now, once more, stewing about a situation that is about as probably to transform as the sun coming up in the morning. When I can&#8217t shake some thing like this, I know deep down aid will only arrive from a perspective shift.

But enable&#8217s be serious, pivoting can feel like hoping to switch a cruise ship with a rowboat oar. It&#8217s a large amount a lot easier said than performed.

If you&#8217ve felt likewise stuck, get some ease and comfort in recognizing you&#8217re in very good enterprise. I’m appropriate there with you, and collectively, we’ll ride this wave. With a very little enable from the cards, for positive!

Following Week in the Playing cards

If I hadn&#8217t carried out slung these playing cards myself, I could be forgiven for asking yourself if they&#8217d been shuffled. But yeah, I shuffled.

Cards say what they wanna say, regardless.

We’ve acquired the 6 of Pentacles reversed once again for our outlook. Would seem we’re still navigating a vibe wherever generosity’s in limited source. And the tips? The Ace of Swords reversed is again, telling us as soon as far more to retain our phrases in look at.

Here&#8217s the kicker although: the Web site of Cups reversed has jumped into the mix. Deck is the generally sassy (and at times annoyingly persistent) Housewives Tarot.

6 of Pentacles Rx Still Old News

That Web site of Cups indicates we know our feelings&#8211and know them perfectly, to realize what they are telling us. Mainly because if we&#8217re experience extra than a circumstance warrants, it is a indicator.

We&#8217re not just reacting to the now we’re resonating with a then—a previous damage that&#8217s turning up the quantity. We&#8217ve tapped into a further vein listed here and that&#8217s exactly where the more oomph comes from.

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So what do we do with this?

For me, I’ll be tackling next 7 days with exact program of self-care and artistic indulgence (hi there, artwork!), in addition digging proper into that million and two strength-draining to-do&#8217s ahead of they expand fangs and suck the energy proper out of my lifetime. That&#8217s concrete and pretty achievable, with or without the need of a situation of the feels.

I’m also likely to continue to be informed of the &#8220why&#8221 powering all these rigorous feels. I suspect performing so might properly aid with that full pivoting challenge. If I know my reactions aren&#8217t all about the now, I am better positions to moderate my reactions to healthy into the now. You know?

So yeah, I&#8217m holding the system in this article. Are you with me? Any outdated stories are your inner thoughts hoping to rewrite?

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