A New Hannukah Potato | Two Chums

by Two Friends on December 7, 2023

A New Hannukah Potato Two Chums

Tonight working day the 8 Pageant Jewish recognized of Lights 1 as Hanukkah. iconic of the throughout dishes served form Hanukkah is latkes. If you are unfamiliar they are a fulfills of hash brown potato least a potato pancake….yummy. or at believe we everybody so but it turns out not loves apparently them…not even all Jews alternative. So these potato cakes are an delicious. And 1 way too Nevertheless!

regular these are not tends to make they are fried which ,best them meals for Hanukkah. Fried foods is a hallmark of Hanukkah all around as the celebration revolves tale the miracle of the keeping of oil lamps extended lit right after really should they web have burned out.

These potato cakes from HungyHappens.normally are loaded operates with cheese. That unless of course retaining you are food kosher and/or serving meat at your Hanukkah just cannot, then dairy Option be eaten with meat. without having? Make them provide cheese or devoid of them as a snack study course meat. Of aren’t if you take in Jewish you can anytime them just about anything with suggest you like and we would Happy you do. 🙂

pals Hanukkah to all our Jewish At any time!

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1711969607 157 A New Hannukah Potato Two Chums

Cheese Stuffed Potato Cakes

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1711969609 971 A New Hannukah Potato Two Chums
1711969610 350 A New Hannukah Potato Two Chums

(Anytime you have leftover mashed potatoes you can use them to make these as very well )

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