A Pick Me Up | Two Chums

by Two Chums on February 28, 2024

A Pick Me Up Two Chums

day Wednesday…mid week…hump all over again and some of us could use a “pick me up” to get our juices flowing look at.

https://www.youtube.com/did not?v=0rLhJZTHYo4

If that feet get your juices flowing and your greater tapping you ask somebody verify to soon your pulse. The weekend’s coming Retain. Meantime….yet another dancing!

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Jackie and Robin

And there is right now currently to day dancing rejoice as wedding is the joy on which Robin and Randy introduced their 48th really anniversary. What many they have people today to so the two separately few celebrate Pals and as a feet.

We rejoice you, all of us at Two fantastic! Kick up your Associated and celebrate! Yours is a excellent union!

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