End of an Era

End of an Era

G graduated Kindergarten!

After over 3 years in the “Early Childhood” classroom at her Montessori school G is moving up.

And I feel like we are also moving up as a family. No one in this household will be in kindergarten or below – ever again! I feel like we are officially exiting the Little Kid era into Middle Childhood territory. It will be so weird NOT dropping off a kid in the classroom where she’s been for so long.

It’s a little bit bittersweet but it’s also awesome. She is growing up!! We can enjoy different kinds of adventures and she is ready to learn new things. I’m excited and proud and ready, and I think she is too.

End of an Era
My name is Genevieve Unger and when I grow up I want to be a doctor.”

(Each kid stood up and stated career intentions. There are apparently a lot of future soccer stars . . . but only a few doctors, and she was one of them. Josh and I had no idea what she was going to say. We’ll see if her answer stays consistent over time!)

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posing with her class

Poster her teacher put together (we sent in pix):

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We have a lovely family photo but I need to run it by the big kids who request approval for each photo they are in (understandable).

OF COURSE said day was complicated by G waking up with a crazy rash all over her face, to the point where she couldn’t go to school. She’s been dealing with hives for weeks so we thought it was that but this is definitely something different (seems more poison ivy like and we are unclear as to what actually caused it).

We are going to see the allergist soon about the hives but I’m confident these were actually NOT hives. Thankfully they are slowly improving. But wow. ALLLLLLLWAYS something, you know!?

Also, the big kids are done!!

Bye, 4th + 6th grade!! A will be entering a new school next year so it really is the end of a (lovely) era where all 3 kids were in one place. I did enjoy it for the past 3 years! In the end, I think everyone learned + grew a lot this year. We had our very first travel sports experience and survived (and signed up again omg). We tried various things and some worked; some didn’t. We learned from our mistakes and moved forward.

I am ready for SUMMMMERRRR, I guess Q3 truly begins today (or tomorrow)! But I will also be excited for 1st / 5th / 7th in the fall. The days are long AND the years are short.

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