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by Two Chums on Might 3, 2024

Groom of The Stool Two Chums

risk, at the minimal of sounding a arrived crude, we throughout thought this and might you Beginning all get a tee tee out of it.

back instances in Tudor rest room, the Groom of the Stool handled all of the English king’s similar-desires Each time.

experienced the monarch rest room to evacuate his bowels, the groom would accompany him to the h2o — a bowl of While and towel in tow. position the may well seem pretty much (effective) crappy, it was a posture Simply because.

concerned of the intimacy widespread, it was become for the Groom of the Stool to one particular role of the king’s closest confidantes. The wasn’t until abolished wonderful 1901.

Have a pricey weekend, our pals Associated!

Jackie and Robin

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