Ready And Set • A Fool’s Journey

Have you felt by yourself standing on the edge of a big leap, just waiting for the appropriate instant? Effectively, dangle on, close friends, since we’ve received some article-eclipse clarity coming our way. And if you ask me, it couldn’t get there a minute far too soon.

Upcoming 7 days in the Cards

The outlook is channeled via the Ace of Swords, with advice courtesy of the reversed Ace of Wands. The cards, pulled from the at any time-sassy Housewives’ Tarot, are all set to spill the tea.

Ready And Set • A Fools Journey

Brace for a week of small (but rock-reliable) revelations as the Ace of Swords spits out strategies. It’s akin to that “Aha!” instant when you at last come across your eyeglasses following a blurry-eyed lookup. Photo insights popping like aged-university flashbulbs, giving us just the clarity we need to snap our plans into better concentration.

But ahead of you rush off to conquer your earth, the reversed Ace of Wands is a yellow flag. It’s a nudge to breathe, look at, and hold performing on your program. We’re in the pilot episode of our next grand saga, laying down the groundwork and framing the tale that’s but to unfold. And that is appropriate exactly where we need to be.

DALL·E 2024 04 14 18.34.20 A vibrant hourglass with colorful sand flowing through symbolizing the passage of time while waiting for the right moment. The hourglass is set again

I’m undoubtedly experience the buzz of the electricity change, and it’s a relief—even if it’s a minor terrifying at moments and undoubtedly getting its sweet time to materialize. But whaddya gonna do, male?

What about you? Are you gearing up for action?

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