Time Tracking + Time Blindness

Time Tracking (and Sharing) 7 days!

Encouraged by some modern conventions with Kae, our last BOBW visitor, and Jenny’s DITL submit, I am going to do a Week-In-the-Lifetime this week.

(1 working day just doesn’t appear like enough! There is no normal week of course, but there is Really no typical day. And weekends usually get ignored in these forms of workout routines so I feel a comprehensive 7 days will be a lot more exciting.)

Time Tracking Time Blindness

Time will convey to if I can maintain up with this degree of granularity! I am employing a stalogy notebook for this simply because they have the ideal timeline for this — tremendous refined 24 several hours alongside the left hand facet of each and every site.

Time Awareness

I am not too long ago tremendous fascinated in the concept of time awareness, as I’ve realized a bit additional about the plan of time blindness. I really feel time blindness is intriguing in portion because it can be amazingly valuable OR debilitating, dependent on context.

I have most likely the reverse of time blindness. I can typically guess how much time has passed and what time it is very properly, and um . . . let us just say I wrestle with endurance, and I think these issues are linked.

I am acutely conscious of passing time, what I require to do, and no matter whether my present-day activities are aligned with my theoretical trajectory for the working day. This is amazing from a productiveness standpoint. Having said that, it can imply panic or too much testiness when items are not going in accordance to system. Ordinarily issues work out and it mayyyyy not be truly worth the angst I at times get when factors are slowing me down (compact discuss, unforeseen simply call from school, somebody making contact with me by way of an inappropriate channel – these are all matters that I know I can overreact to as a quite time-delicate particular person).

On the other hand, I know a number of people pretty perfectly who appear utterly time blind. They are SO Affected person and from what I have witnessed, appear to be to be in a position to get into a movement point out significantly far more quickly than I can (for the reason that they are shed in the NOW, I guess). But when you are time blind, it’s challenging to run in a modern society the place so several matters are time-bound, from appointment periods to do the job hours and outside of. I was just lately sent this episode of We Can Do Challenging Things that apparently involves a section on this certain challenge, as ADHD can come with time blindness (even though that is not a given!). I’m exited to listen. An additional listener noted that there are applications to tackle this directly, these as Brili (have not tried using, but amazing that some thing like that is out there).

I also question if time monitoring can aid with time blindness or whether or not it would just be an incredibly difficult and aggravating activity!!

Are you time hyperaware or time blind? Or somewhere in the center?

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