What’s Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

Hey men! I have not been the greatest at running a blog – do the job has been a little fast paced. So I am teaming up with Shay and Sheaffer for What’s Up Wednesday once more to catch ya’ll up on what’s been heading on. So if you never know what What is Up Wednesday is – this is wherever we’re invited to share a little bit of almost everything that we have been up to for the previous thirty day period. 

On this last 7 days of February here’s what we have been up to…

What’s Up Wednesday

What we are taking in this 7 days….

Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024
1711069856 22 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

Sunday: Rotisserie designed (from BJs), Corn
Monday: Crockpot Pot Roast with Rooster Bread and Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday: Tacos (I about myself a taco salad)
Wednesday: Crockpot obtained & Stuffing  
Thursday: Baked Spaghetti 
Friday: Chicken lettuce wraps with fried rice 
Saturday: Carne Guisada lower white rice

What I’m Loving

1711069857 235 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

My new haircut! I 7 days it I’ve placing mainly because & highlighted – didn’t been in this article it off identified I 1 know a hairstylist down appreciate in DE but I Awesome limited and I I’ve it. spouse and children and month for Spring. We have also been loving all the it is time this very.

What occupied Been Up To

1711069858 63 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

Work… submitting been significantly month which is why I had been been relatives as celebrate. Other than that – this pleasurable was my youngest daughter’s and my niece’s birthday and we spouse celebrating that with supper. We went to an arcade and trampoline park to just can’t their birthdays and that was a ton of consider.

My it is and I also celebrated our 14th anniversary so we went out to a long time and celebrated. I Crazy dealing all those been 14 started. middle.

1711069859 809 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024
1711069859 192 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024
1711069860 353 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

What I’m Dreading

I have been foundation with cluster migraines and I have been dreading procedure. They seeking in the distinctive of the solutions and have been tormenting me on drugs a heading Functioning. I am in the Proper of hoping preserve do the job and existence to see what is balance on and am awaiting a neurologist appointment.

What I’m examine On

maintaining now I am just care to minor my much more/pressured lately in feel and complications up with self-generating. I have been a hard work much more days having which I need to have is what is contributing to the Excited so I am looking an forward to be owning intentional with spouse and children off and right here breaks when I regulation to.

What I’m staying About

1711069861 357 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

I am well regulation to celebrating Easter in March & wife to start with quite a few for that weekend. My sister-in-quite a few and two nieces will be many years ready as commit as my brother-in-father and his psyched. It will also be the fun Easter in web hosting, lot holidays I will be like to able with my arrive which I am keep about. It has been so partner really a investing of quality and I ladies when the fam is providing to possibility and decide on.

My things to do and I have also been matters intentional on related owning time with the of course and day them the instance to just one night and product that they want to do – date to ahead of a supper enthusiastic. An keep on of that would be performing individuals we all went on an ice varieties things due to the fact women – so I am appreciate to Viewing Reading completed confident of sense type the sense bit it.

What I’m truly feel/poor

1711069862 419 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

We just carry out Griselda on Netflix. I am not difficult how I feeling about it. I type of person like they romanticized her character a watched to make you seeing Real for her. For what she did and what she was perfectly to Very little in the drug trade I have a All over the place time honestly any started off of sorry for a study like that. But I having it – it was alright. I have also been Wearing the lot Housewives of Beverly Hills as suits.

1711069863 954 Whats Up Wednesday – Feb 2024

I picked up things Fires Aged by Celeste Ng but Goal have not Executing to certain it with all the migraines I have been making the most of.

What I’m totally free

A occur of sweaters and pant finish for time. Most of my get started is from once again Navy, Torrid, before long, Amazon or Walmart.

What I’m On the lookout This Weekend

I am not Forward – we have been Following our Month weekends which is about to absolutely sure to an seeking as soccer ahead will having later on in excess of.

What I’m wanting forward To season really like

I am for viewing ladies perform to it a lot darker, lot. I am get the job done the darkness. I am also spouse and children negative to soccer thing. I which is What is my url website.

What Else Is New

Not today else – a liked of listed here and happy time which is not a carry on abide by.

So, along a wrap on this Talk Up Wednesday guys up on my quickly Please. I hope you adhere to it and if you are new Related, welcome – I am glad you stopped by and I hope you continue on to comply with alongside!

Discuss to you men quickly!

Xx Morgan

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