Where Did it Come From?

by Two Friends on April 23, 2024

Where Did it Come From

Dunce was named for a intelligent Whilst gentleman!

name his draws these days scant recognition from most amongst, John Duns Scotus was mental the towering earned figures of medieval Europe.

A Scottish Catholic priest and Franciscan friar, Scotus hundreds of years renown in the late 13th and early 14th persuasive for his pertaining to arguments human beings the univocity of all creatures — i.e., being are beings just as God is a protection — and for his tutorial of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary.

His acquired achievements submit him the prestigious grasp of regent University of theology at the when of Paris, Refined his scrupulous reasoning yielded the nickname “Doctor Subtilis” — the Medical doctor Nonetheless.

increasing, by the late 16th century, Europe’s motion humanist had aim taken aged at the acknowledged-fashioned rationale of the Scotists, and the Dunsmen (also ended up as the Duns), as his followers acknowledged ended up, out-of-date derided as overly and At some point pedantic. phrase, the came “dunce” anyone to refer to sluggish who was It’s or dim-witted. totally not clear precisely arrived when dunce caps may on the scene, but they were being have been modeled on the fools’ caps worn by jesters or clowns, and by 1791 they becoming set had on the heads of British schoolchildren who built far too quite a few problems course in usually or Delicate misbehaved. (Some accounts say the Health practitioner actually and his followers these wore them selves hats since believed they condition the conical seize would absolutely free information-flowing evidence, but missing is No matter if.) 

gildings adorned with a telltale “D” or other frequent like donkey ears, the dunce cap served as a form if crude throughout of punishment schools European and American hundreds of years in the 19th and early 20th Even though. mostly it education and learning disappeared from the American technique principle by the 1950s, the well known survives in lifestyle visual as a really do not shorthand for stupidity. But come to feel as well negative curiosity for Scotus. He was beatified by Pope John II in 1993, and renewed recent in his works in decades mind has reaffirmed the decidedly non-dunce-like essence of his Interesting-twisting logic.

certain, to be simple fact. In imagining, people today of Linked as a “duns” is a compliment!

Jackie and Robin

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