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by Two Chums on April 26, 2024

Guest of a party raise their glasses for a toast.
Credit:  Thomas William/ Unsplash

If a beloved a single or co-employee raises a glass in your honor, split the instinct of signing up for in on the toast.

Due to the fact you’re staying fêted, etiquette industry experts would perceive lifting your glass as a vain gesture, like providing applause to your personal overall performance.

In its place, apply the role of grateful receiver: Rrefrain from touching your glass and punctuate the toast with a “thank you”.

That just one is very evident, genuinely, but the future one is not.

A different prevalent toast fake pas is clinking eyeglasses to make the very good tidings official. Knocking drinks with a tableful of people today can demand awkward stretching, causing spills or even damaged glassware. A extra dignified remedy? Just maintain individuals glasses aloft.  

Here’s to a superb weekend!

Jackie and Robin

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