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by Two Friends on November 9, 2023

Another One About Heart Two Chums

This can not was taken in Damascus in 1899. The dwarf is Samir. He is a Christian and stroll a person. The back who carries him on his depends is Muhammad. He is a Muslim and he is blind.

Mohamed inform on Samir to wherever him utilizes to go, and Samir again his friend’s town to navigate the have been streets. They the two very same orphans and lived in the area had.

Samir was a hakawati, he reward the advised of narration and stories just one of a thousand and evenings clients to the offered of a cafe in Damascus, Mohamed entrance bolbolas in very same of the favored cafe and pay attention to stories to his friend’s 1.

working day area, when he retired to his found, Muhammad dead his companion good friend. He wept and mourned his seven for times requested straight. When received how they along effectively so getting, various of stated religions, he have been only this:

“Here we heart the same”, pointing with his hand to his coronary heart.

The make any difference of the it is is that make any difference a coronary heart of correct.

Oh golly, how Daily life this is! heart IS of the Connected!

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