Do Exes Always Come Back? [WHY]

For most people, breakups are one of the most difficult and confusing times to go through. No one expects their relationship to fall through after all the time and effort they have put in to get to know the other person. So, during such times, it’s only natural that you find yourself wondering about do exes always come back

It may come off as a harsh truth but exes don’t always come back. There will be times when your ex will leave you and won’t look back. They can move on and make peace with the past. However, if the breakup wasn’t too bad and they end up regretting their decisions, your ex might come back. 

But nothing is set in stone regarding whether your ex will have a change of heart and decide to come back. So, you might have a greater curiosity to know if your ex will eventually come back or not. What if you have no contact with them? In whatever case what are the odds of exes getting back together? I will address all these matters in this article to satisfy your curiosities. 

Do All Exes Eventually Come Back?

Not all exes will eventually come back by your side. If you are hoping for a second chance, not everyone will eventually get it. Breaking up can be horrible for both parties. Sometimes it may be so that your ex had to break up because they were hurt too deeply. 

If your mistake was too grave, then your ex will not return no matter how much you wait. These relationships are beyond repair.

When you are in a relationship, no one wishes for a breakup. But mistakes will happen, rough times will come. Breakups will happen just to remind you to set everything back in order. If your mistakes weren’t too horrible then it might not be too late. You can still hope for the best against all odds and keep trying to fix everything.

A breakup may happen to make everything better than before. You get to realize your past mistakes and have a new chance to fix them. Humans can be extremely forgiving. So if your ex still longs for you, they might be willing to forgive your mistakes. However, only if you seem sincere enough to become a better person. 

Sometimes your ex may show signs that indicate that it might not be too late. There could be a chance your ex will eventually come back. When your ex seems too curious about your personal life even after a breakup, it can be because they still miss you. 

Your ex might bring up the happy memories of when you guys were still together. This is a sign that they regret what happened between you two. They wish to put aside the horrible memories to get back together. So, if you still have some hope that you can fix the relationship, it is best to look out for these signs. They can indicate that your ex will eventually come back to you. 

You can hope for the best if there are some signs. But if your ex shows no such signs, probably, they won’t be back. Your ex might outright hate you or have moved on from you or have made peace with the past. So, your ex won’t be back no matter how long you wait. 

Do Exes Always Come Back After No Contact?

Since nothing is set in stone, it’s not 100% definite that your ex will come back after no contact. But don’t worry as, after no contact, there are more chances for a couple to get back together after a breakup.

Breakups can be horrible and messy. Both parties are hurt and need some time for themselves. Zero communication will give the one who initiates the break up to reevaluate their decision and miss the other person. If you have made any errors, you can look back at it all and take some time to work for yourself.

Moreover, having no contact will prevent you from making senseless mistakes such as chase, plead, argue, lash out, and others. Doing these only destroys all the chances of getting back together. Both parties need to take control over the whole situation and think over everything in a calm mind and having no contact allows that. 

So, during this total silence, an ideal situation is created that will let your ex come back to you. But it’s best to remember that this is not absolute and only happens if they still have some feelings left for you. If there is no attraction left, your ex has no reason to come back.

The circumstances surrounding the breakup are something you must consider. Mistakes too horrible such as cheat, deception, abuse, manipulation are unforgivable. If your actions come close to any of these, your ex probably won’t be back. 

There are chances that your ex might just move on. If too much time passes without any contact, it’s best to assume that they have decided to move on.  

Why Your Ex Might Come Back

According to research posted in Science Daily, almost 50 percent of older teenagers and young adults get back together with their exes. So there is a 50-50 chance that you can get back together with your ex even after a messy breakup. 

When your ex decides to break up with you, they are mostly thinking about how they feel. The relationship may not have been treating them right or wasn’t working out for them. So for that moment, it’s only right that they care more about how they feel. Your ex will break it off because they can’t think of the possibility of the relationship getting better.

But everyone has a change of heart sooner or later. With time, the feelings of your ex might change. Your ex may start seeing how you guys could make the relationship work and start missing your presence. So as long as there is a chance that you guys can continue to communicate, the odds of getting back together aren’t too bad. 

Getting back together after a breakup is better than the first relationship sometimes. This time around, the foundation of the relationship is built upon the fact that both of you know that your hearts are in the right place. None of you have anything to pretend and have seen each other at their worst states. 

The many issues you both were facing before are now laid out before you. So you both can work on it better than before. Moreover, the relationship will now have a clear direction for both of you. 

Against all odds, there is always an underlying possibility for your ex and you to sort out your feelings. The possibility is not absolute and might not work sometimes. But if it works out, the relationship might be better the second time around.


When you get into a relationship, no matter how much time and effort you put in it may come to an end someday. Even if it’s the truth we are all too aware of, it never fails to catch us by surprise. So, when you are going through a breakup and your anxiety over feelings of separation is too heavy, you may have thought to yourself “Do exes always come back?”

This article gives you a clear idea of whether exes always come back after a breakup and other related information. I hope I have managed to satisfy all your curiosities. Wishing you the best of luck in your love life. Thank you for reading through. 

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