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Many ‘get rich quick’ programs are aimed at your pocket, but they empty it, rather than filling it. What if we filled your heart and mind with wealth instead? Your pocket will soon fill itself…

How do you attract wealth quickly and effortlessly?

By believing that you are already rich beyond your dreams. Your thoughts form your reality, and what you believe will become true. If you think debt, more debt will be yours. If you think wealth, you will receive more blessings. Follow the Law of Attraction.

What is wealth exactly?

Some people think about wealth as something that consists of money or material things. True, a Ferrari in your garage might make you feel rich, but is that something you can take with you when your time is up?

Wealth means many things from health, family, love and family to adventure, experience and memories. It isn’t something you can describe as just one thing, but a mixture. Think about it. If you only considered yourself rich, because you had that Ferrari, then what would happen if someone stole it from your garage? Would you still be rich?

In a way, yes. If you realized that you still had all the memories that you acquired while driving your Ferrari. Objects are just objects, and what’s considered posh and sophisticated changes as quickly as you blink.

Why let society tell you what makes you rich? Wouldn’t you like to take back your control and say enough is enough, I will be rich, whether I have that new gadget they advertise or not?

Wealth and Spirituality

There is no problem with wanting a Ferrari. But you should also see the bigger picture. You shouldn’t want it because others do, or because society will consider you wealthy. The same goes for money. It can buy you many things, and in a way, it can even buy you happiness, but that’s not the real thing.

If you want real wealth, that includes success, love, health and everything else that makes you prosper, then you need to start counting your blessings. Okay, fine, if the Ferrari is one of those, then count that as well. But don’t forget to count the rest.

The wealthier you feel in your mind and heart, the wealthier you will become. Like attracts like, wealth attracts wealth.

I thought this was a get rich quick program?

It is, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. The only difference is that we are not asking for your money, nor are we telling you to invest in this, or buy that. The idea of the Law of Attraction is unconventional, because people always expect to spend money to earn money.

But what if we told you that’s not the case? Money is energy, and as such, you attract it by making it a part of your life. How about asking the Universe what it would take to get money right now? Remember, you don’t need to know the answer, just the question. Be specific and let the energy of the money answer.

Sometimes it is truly that simple. If you never ask, the question is always going to be no, right? If you followed the previous steps and counted all your blessings, then the Universe will respond in kind and give you more. Don’t let doubt seep in. Have faith in yourself.

And don’t be mistaken. You probably won’t win the lottery, and there will be some work involved. But the Universe will present you with the best option for you right now, the one that will take you closer to your dreams.

All you need to do is ask and step onto the path that’s designed specifically for you.

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