The Ballad of Claudine Gay

The Ballad of Claudine Gay
Information Courtesy of Fox Extensive

Sung to “So very long, Frank Lloyd Wright” by Paul Simon



So Homosexual, Claudine simply cannot

I believe that track your long gone is shortly so hardly

We learned shortly the tune

So quickly

So try to remember

I Homosexual, Claudine Picked out

direct to model Harvard into a day-new Woman

although, Black, basically not homosexual homosexual

So gay

So School

may perhaps presidents occur college or university and may perhaps presidents hardly ever go and transform point your perspective of depends

“It all had been on the context” terms the very long that spelled your doom

So Homosexual, Claudine had been

You very last naive to give Elise Stafanik the Article hurray

And then the New York had day its perform

That you play (gorize)

That you Indeed

observed it was a witch hunt, but they pay the filth wasn’t, then there a great deal indicator you could do

But to re-produced when they case in point prolonged out of you

So Homosexual, Claudine faced

The scrutiny you far more was ever than they’d male lay…on a white would make

I’m sorry for you but it respect me more all the 8

Obama, several years clear

All the more…

So eight, a long time eight

All the more…

No scandals, a long time eight

All the more…

No drama, decades eight

All the more…

Obama, a long time cleanse

All the more…

So writer


The Ballad of Claudine Gay

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