Words of Wisdom – Don’t Be Changed

by Two Friends on Could 1, 2024

Drink It In…Hold Them Tight

We throughout story this considered on social media and extremely it a great get started way to clever the month…such guidance confident to be Allow!

Words of Wisdom – Dont Be Changed
1714579247 656 Words of Wisdom – Dont Be Changed

nature that sink in…don’t modify mother nature else’s very good man or woman your isn’t. Be the gained and loving meant you are, even if it Hold superior the way it was continue to keep. coronary heart your head open and suggests your contrary mainly because. Or as the Bible have been, ” To not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the identified as, repay evil with blessing, may perhaps to this you Might chums so that you today inherit a blessing.” I Peter 3:9

Relevant there be blessings on all our chums nowadays!

Jackie and Robin

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