9 Amazing Tips That Helps To Get What You Want In Life

To many people, getting what you want in life means success and having a plan or a formula to achieve what you would like to do. As busy people, we all tend to follow our own pattern and sometimes forget that with a little bit of planning and perhaps a small change to our way of thinking, we can do and become so much more!

To get what you want from life and attain your life ambitions, follow these 9 amazing tips to an incredibly exciting life:

  1. Change Your Own Outlook.
  2. Motivate Yourself.
  3. Plan Ahead.
  4. Commit.
  5. Work At It.
  6. Don’t Get Distracted.
  7. Be Self-Reliant.
  8. Exercise.
  9. Have Fun.

You should not feel trapped or “stuck” in the life that you lead. It’s your life. There are many ways that you can change your own outlook on life, reach your dreams, improve yourself and the situation that you are in. Are you always comparing your life to that of your friends and family? Well, don’t do that any longer! Work through our amazing tips and see what happens to your own life!

Our 9 Amazing Tips That Helps You To Get What You Want In Life!

Is there a magic formula on how to get what we want when we want it? How does it look so easy for others, and why is everything so easy for them and not for me? Let’s see how we can improve our own situation and get what we want in life:

1. Change Your Own Outlook.

Have you ever thought that you can’t do something and wished that you could? What if you can? Positive thinking is often the first step to changing your outlook on life. Instead of continually seeing the path ahead of you blocked with what you can’t do, focus on what you can. We all have our own unique giftings. You are not made to be someone else; you are made to be yourself!

Get rid of the doubting fears in your mind – they make you feel bad and affect your entire outlook on your life!

You might have to plan to upskill yourself to get that dream job or career that you have always wanted, so why not do the research and see what you would have to do to make your career dreams come true.

Speak to your boss about new opportunities or job shadow someone else for a day. Check the local community colleges to see if they have the courses that you need or check online.

There are many ways to change or improve your career, and why not do what you love? After all, you spend a lot of your time at work, so you may as well enjoy what you are doing!

2. Motivate Yourself.

Talk to yourself often – you are worth it! Get rid of the negative comments that you shower yourself with. Set small goals and congratulate yourself once you have achieved them. Reaching a small milestone is far better than not achieving that huge goal that you have set for yourself. Learn to spend time with yourself, enjoying what you like to do.

Give yourself some credit! Celebrate your small milestones and victories, tick them off the list; it gives you a sense of achievement and motivates you for the next task that you need to tackle.

A quick tip to start the day well is to do the hard jobs first. Don’t procrastinate and do what needs to be done first thing in the morning. Completing the hard jobs first will set you up for a good day!

3. Plan Ahead.

The best way to plan is slowly! Use a diary or a monthly planner and sit down in a quiet space, and plan! Try making lists of what you need to do, when you need to do them, and how you need to do them.

Annual diary planners are the best as you can break them down into daily, weekly, or monthly plans, which ensures that you always have your life plans at your fingertips.

While planning and setting achievable goals are fantastic, remember that we all are creatures of habit and tend to follow our own daily routine – if it works, great, but don’t be afraid to step outside your circle of comfort, adapt and change the way you do things. Sometimes a small change can add so much value to your life!

Use your imagination and positive energy to plan your days and take control of your life.

4. Commit.

Decide what is really important to you. What would you be willing to change or sacrifice in order to achieve your goal? Are you excited and motivated enough to discover and learn along the journey, or are you only focused on the end result?

If the journey itself is fun and interesting, you will be more motivated to reach your goals. Perhaps your dreams and goals will change along the way, but that is also ok. The challenge is to commit to taking the necessary steps to get you to where you would like to be.

5. Work At It.

Stop being nice to yourself! But, on the other hand, find a balance and don’t be too hard on yourself either. You will only achieve the goals you have set if you get down and do it! Don’t procrastinate or talk yourself out of what you want. Achieving your dreams and goals will take discipline.

Make a list of tasks that waste your time and commit to not doing them. Challenge yourself by doing something that you never thought you could! Don’t waste your own time!

6. Don’t Get Distracted.

Distraction is something that we all need to deal with. You sit down to plan, and something happens to grab your attention and pull you off into another direction. Or perhaps today’s plan is completely thrown out by life!

The trick is to deal with the distraction and carry on with, and stay focused on, the plan. Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your mind. A small bump in the road does not need to become a mountain.

What to do if you do become distracted? Don’t ever give up! It’s not the end of your dream or your plans if your schedule for today or this moment does not work out as you had planned. Life does get in the way, and your well-planned day can be upset in an instant!

Don’t be too hard on yourself and view yourself as a failure – remember to be positive and stay motivated. As long as you start again, you can continue with your plans and goals for a fabulous life!

7. Be Self-Reliant.

No-one else can change your life for you or help you to get what you want out of life. Only you can achieve what you set out to do; only you can achieve your dreams. You cannot expect your partner, friend, or boss to achieve your goals for you.

By all means, share your dreams, ambitions, and goals with a trusted partner or friend, but the only way to achieve your plans and goals is to do it yourself.

Getting support from friends and family is a great thing and very helpful, but if you don’t have this support, don’t let it deter you from staying laser-focused on achieving your goals. The end result will be the reward!

8. Exercise.

Look after yourself. In our busy, stressful, everyday life, we often don’t have the time to exercise or even go for a walk and don’t feel that we have the energy to do anything about it.

This is what starts the cycle of negativity and feeling bad about yourself and pushes your goals and dreams away. Do some form of exercise every day. Even 15 minutes will help you change your outlook on life!

There is an old saying that says a healthy body breeds a healthy mind, and this is not an old-wives-tale; it does work. Keeping your body healthy will give your mind clarity and will give you the energy to stay focused on your desired outcome for your life!

9. Have fun.

Remember to have fun while you are on this journey of changing your life and getting what you want. It’s very easy to be so focused on your goals that you get burnt out. Schedule some downtime into your weekly calendar.

Get together with friends or take time for yourself to sit, close your eyes and relax! Life is intended to be fun and enjoyable; otherwise, what is the point. The journey is just as important as the goal, so enjoy the ride while you focus on the dream ahead.

How Do You Get What You Want In Life?

9 Amazing Tips That Helps To Get What You Want In Life

Are you the kind of person who can make those changes to get what you want in life? Are you prepared to commit to making the hard choices and doing what you need to do in order to reach that goal?

So, how do you get what you want in life? Is there a time in your life when you reach a certain point, and you know you need to make that decision?

Making the change starts right now! Try our top goal-getting tips to help you get what you want out of life!

· Be present in the moment. Don’t waste time thinking too much about the past or dreaming of what the future could be like. Appreciate what you have in the present, remember and learn from the past, and plan for the future. Wonderful moments may pass you because you are not living in the moment. Enjoy today and plan for tomorrow.

· Wake up earlier. Research has found that people who wake up earlier are healthier and happier compared to those who sleep the morning away. Use the early hours to plan your day. Take a few moments to reflect on the day ahead and breathe!

· Get good sleep. Most health sites recommend at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. There is a good reason for this – you will achieve so much more and feel more motivated if you have a clear head and a well-rested body – try it and see how good you feel every day after a good night’s sleep!

· Set goal posts. See your life 5 or 10 years down the line. How are you living? Have you accomplished any of your goals? Are you living the life that you are dreaming of now? If the picture that you see is not what you would like it to be, take steps to plan small goals on the right path to your future.

· Choose. Decide what you want to do and choose to do it! Practice decision-making. Every small step forward is an achievement, but you have to decide daily which path you are going to take to achieve your goals.

· Be ruthless! Not always, but you may have to make the hard decisions to get to where you are going. This is your journey to a better life, and it may involve hurting someone else’s feelings from time to time. Your decision and choices for your life are up to you!

How Do I Figure Out What I Want To Do In Life?

The question that we are always told to ask ourselves is; What do you want out of life?

This question may seem to be a very simple and straightforward one to ask but the answer is not that simple. Growing up, we all had an idea of what our lives would be like as an adult – mostly freedom and lots of money to spend! Perhaps cars, homes and traveling overseas, or a quiet life with a home and a family.

Try interviewing yourself and ask these questions to find out a bit more about yourself and what you would like to do with your life – be honest with yourself and see how many you can answer!

  1. What makes me happy?
  2. Am I passionate about anything?
  3. What is it that I don’t like to do?
  4. What have I achieved in life so far?
  5. Do I actually have any goals in life?
  6. Am I willing to commit to working for what I want and making the changes?

For some, the answers to these questions come easily, while for others, it takes a lot of thought and contemplation. Often the easiest route to take is to not do anything new and continue doing what is comfortable and familiar, but once you have decided to make the changes in your life, take it step by step. This is all it takes to achieve your exciting new goals!

How Can I Develop My Life For Myself?

Now that we know how to get to where we want to be in life, how do we get there? Is there a secret formula? Am I selfish if I would like to improve myself and my situation?

The answer to all of the above questions is – you can improve yourself and your life just because you want to! You don’t need permission from anyone to improve yourself!

While you are on your journey to achieving what you want to in life, do remember that it does take time, you will not get there overnight! Celebrate every small achievement and milestone! Enjoy your life, and remember why you are making the changes that you need to get to where you would like to be!

Make your own decisions and decide when you are going to achieve them, even if you don’t know how just yet!

Picture your future and your fabulous life – start a dream chart and fill it with pictures of your dreams and ambitions! Sometimes, looking at your dreams in pictures is good motivation to get what you want!

The answer to all your questions is really to plan – plan what you want out of life, and plan how you are going to get there – it is really all up to you!

Will I Benefit From Getting What I Want In Life?

9 Amazing Tips That Helps To Get What You Want In Life 1

If you have a dream or an ambition in life, then you should, by all means, attempt to achieve your goals! The only way to get the life that you want would be to get up and go and get it. Sitting on the couch and dreaming about your fabulous life is not going to make it happen.

Planning and setting achievable goals is going to change your life for the better and improve your entire outlook on life!

Monitor your goal and your plans to get there and work towards what you want every day!

What If My Goals Change?

As we do walk through life, our dreams and ambitions may change – we may change, our paths may change.

We might not desire the same things in our older years as what we desperately wanted in our youth.

We are on a life journey, and we can and will adjust our sights as we walk along our path. Embrace the change and re-focus your goals – you may be amazed at how your outlook on life changes as you not only get older but achieve the things that you have set out to do and have planned for.


A dream will only remain a dream until you create a plan to achieve your dream. A plan is made up of smaller steps that you can use to measure your success and make your dream a reality.

Imagine what your life could be and take the necessary steps to make it happen. Beware of giving yourself negative labels – these names stick in your thoughts, and often you become the person that you have spoken into your life instead of the person that you would like to become.

The next time you think of yourself as lazy or distracted, stop! Remember who you are and what your goals are – replace those negative words with words of hope and affirmation – see the bigger picture and keep on the road to your own exciting future!

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