Does Belief Equal Success?

What we believe in determines whether we succeed or not. And that includes our belief (or lack thereof) in ourselves. Think about the story of the turtle and the hare for a second. You would think it’s obvious who wins the race. It has to be the hare, because of his strength and speed, right?

Just because something seems obvious, it doesn’t make it true. There are many hidden factors when it comes to success, and a major one of them is the way you think about yourself, and success itself. Are you afraid of being successful? Or do you want it too much? And what do you believe about yourself?

Yes, the hare would have probably won, if he didn’t believe that he already did. Believing that you can do something is the first step towards success, true, but you can’t forget the next steps, either. An athlete might train all year to win a race, and they might believe in themselves and their success enough, too, but if they don’t show up and take the necessary steps towards winning, their efforts won’t count.

However, when you have negative beliefs, things are a bit different. You start doubting your success or yourself even before you begin. True, the end result is the same: you won’t win. But what other implications are there? In the first scenario, you would try again, because you know exactly where you went wrong. You were like the hare, thinking that you already won. But, when it comes to the latter, you might lose your faith completely, never to try again.

Fear of failure can be as destructive as fear of success. Both beliefs will ensure that you don’t succeed. You need to find a way to think positively about your goal and yourself. Know that even if you aren’t there yet, as long as you take all the necessary steps, you will get there eventually.

Ask yourself this: how could I make sure that I believe I can succeed, and then take the necessary steps to follow the turtle’s footsteps, instead of the hare’s? Well, you kind of already answered that question for yourself. You need to be persistent, with the belief that you have every chance of winning at the back of your mind.

Patience, persistence, and a positive attitude are all key to achieving success. It all starts with changing your beliefs, and realizing that you have so much more in you than you ever thought. Be proud of yourself for every step you take, but don’t let it get to your head. Remember, you haven’t won until you crossed the finish line.

Don’t be afraid of success or failure, because they all depend on what you believe and what actions you take based on your beliefs. If you manage to understand that, the world will truly be full of opportunities and your life will be filled with success. Keep believing.

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