How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Ambitions And Goals In Life

Having goals and ambitions is what gives us, as Humans, our purpose in life. Whether we have big plans for our own lives, be it professional or personal, or even plans and ambitions involving our children or friends and family, certain steps have to be put into place first.

Planning to achieve your life goals and ambitions needs to start with a plan. Your plan needs to be strategic, realistic, and measurable. Determination will be important when life situations challenge your plans and potentially throw them off course. Adapt your plan but stay focused on the goal ahead.

We all have goals and ambitions in life, but how we achieve these does take some planning and, very often, a lot of time! To some, planning and working towards a daily achievement is just as important as working towards a long-term goal. Any goal is worth working towards, no matter how simple or elaborate. The idea is to get started today!

How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Ambitions In Life?

There are many ways to plan what you would like to do with your life and where you would like to see yourself in a few days, weeks, months, or years down the line.

Before you can plan any goal or think of achieving any ambitions, you need to start with your own dreams and ambitions. Fairly often we look at other people’s achievements or life-style and wonder how our lives would be if we lived the same way, or how easy it would be to live the same life!

We cannot have the same life as someone else – we are unique and need to follow our own dreams and have our own goals and ambitions. This does involve a plan and a starting point.

  • Can I dream? As children, we are often given the opportunity to dream. We are taught to use our imaginations and to dream big dreams, and create fantasy worlds in which to play. As we get older, these fantasy worlds are often replaced by the realities of life and disappear along with any memories that we may have had of our childhood dreams.

We need to remember how we were as children and remember to dream as we did when we were small. Adults should dream, but we are often dissuaded as we have too many responsibilities and consider dreaming as a waste of our valuable time and too much effort.

  • How do I dream? You would have to set aside some quiet time in order to learn how to dream again. This would involve scheduling time for yourself, alone, with no distractions. In today’s modern, fast-paced world, this is hard to do, but in order to remember your youthful goals and ambitions, quite necessary.

You may surprise yourself with new dreams that have slipped into your mind over the years that you have not taken any notice of! New dreams may just change the direction of your life!

  • Are dreams the same as goals and ambitions? They can be. Often it is easier to start with a list of what you would like to do with your life. From this list, you could dream about what you would like to do, plan, and achieve the goal.

You should remember that a goal or ambition can be achieved if you take the necessary steps to get there, while a dream could be a work in progress for a very long time, and could be changed and adapted along the way depending on your life and circumstances.

How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Life Goals?

Planning is the key. You need to have not only an idea of what you would like to do with your life but also an idea of how to get there. A few basic steps could help:

  • Start a list. A list should definitely be the first step towards planning your goals. You could have a few lists; a daily list with tasks to get through each day, a weekly list to manage appointments and activities, a monthly list to schedule important events, and an annual list – this is the list to manage your entire year and to plan what you would like to achieve during the year.

Of course, you could have as many lists as you can manage, but try to keep them workable otherwise, they will become another chore in your daily life.

Start with what you can manage and perhaps re-evaluate once a week to see how you are doing with your list management.

  • Start a dream chart. Trying to visualize your dream may be difficult, so what may be easier to do is to collect pictures of whatever you would like to own, the activities you would like to do or the places which you would like to visit, and stick them all onto a poster chart. The sky is the limit with this chart, and you can add as many items as you would like to your own life, dream chart!
  • Start a journal. Writing down your dreams and ambitions is a great way to keep track of your thoughts and plans. Try and update your journal regularly. The sky is the limit with your journal and can be used as a record of your hopes, plans, dreams, or feelings.
  • Plan your day.  A good way to plan your day is to make a list of the previous evening of things that you need to do during the following day. It can be very satisfying to tick things off the list from today and to decide whether the items that haven’t been cleared off the list will be carried over until tomorrow!
  • Plan your year. Vacation time is great for planning the year ahead. Relax, dream and plan about the new year and reflect on the previous one. Make sure you have your journal and a diary to record your plans.
  • Have short term goals. Planning a task and then achieving it is good for the soul! Make sure you plan something achievable every day, even if it’s a small goal such as getting up on time. Don’t be tempted to add too many items to the list at a time.
  • Have long term goals. Planning for long term goals gives us something to work towards and to look forward to. The planning process can be exciting! Remember to factor in long term financial planning for the bigger goals.
How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Ambitions And Goals In Life

How Can We Achieve Our Goals In Life?

  • Be accountable. Setsmall, achievable goals for yourself andreward yourself for accomplish them. Share your goals with a close friend or partner who will encourage you to keep going! Reward yourself for every achievement!
  • Take small steps.Sometimes working towards a bigger goal can be intimidating and may perhaps be daunting. Set smaller goals to work towards, with the bigger picture in mind.
  • Be relevant. Dreams, goals, and ambitions change from time to time. Decide which goals are long-term and need to be planned for, and which dreams can be changed and adapted in the short-term.
  • Set times and dates. In order to plan, you need to know how and when the goal can be achieved. Set specific times and dates, then re-evaluate when you reach the milestones.

By re-evaluating, you can either set new goals or move time frames for existing goals, or simply remove goals that are not relevant to you anymore.


Goals and ambitions are something that we can work towards and that we can achieve with careful planning and steady groundwork.

As Human Beings, we work best with structure and to a plan and often live and work better with set boundaries and routines. Setting our own boundaries gives us a framework within which we can achieve our goals and ambitions.

Ambitions keep us focused and a method for us to work hard to keep our goals in mind and to achieve a better way of life that we long for. What could be better than finally getting that new dream job, visiting that country overseas, or even learning how to bake that cake!

A sense of achievement is crucial to our overall wellbeing, and having goals and ambitions is built into who we are. To live the exciting life that you have always dreamed of can be achieved with a little planning!

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