15 Top Crystals for Friendship and Conflict

There is a saying that friends are the family we choose. Friendship is a beautiful relationship built upon trust, love, and respect. Like any other relationship, conflict is a common part of friendship. Fortunately, there are crystals for friendship that strengthen the bond of friendship and create positive energy to solve unwanted conflicts. 

Orange agate, Blue agate, Lapis Lazuli, Sunstone, Malachite, Carnelian are some of the many stones that help strengthen friendship and resolve conflicts among loved ones. But there are surely more of these then the few mentioned. 

In this article, I will talk about the best crystals for building meaningful friendships and solving conflicts among friends. After that, I will briefly tell you which crystals do not go with each other and finally give some effective tips on using friendship crystals.  

Top 15 Crystals for Friendship and Conflict

A specific number of crystals are known to enhance bonds between friends and solve any conflicts. Here I will be discussing the top 15 stones that will help you to create strong friendships. 

1. Orange Agate

 Orange Agate is for people who are shy and lack the confidence of starting a conversation. Introvert people often fail to express their feelings and positive outlook to others. As a result, they face a hard time making friends.  

Orange Agate is a motivational crystal that can help you overcome your fear. It makes people enthusiastic to talk to others. It builds confidence to face others and eradicates the feeling of being rejected. To get the benefits of this gem, you can wear it as any kind of jewelry like a pendant or bracelet and meet the people you want to be friends with.    

2. Blue Agate

Another crystal that is great for making new friends and maintains the old ones is Blue Agate. People are attracted to cheerful and optimistic people. So, if you want to boost your confidence and communication skills, you should get a blue agate. 

This stone has a calming effect and creates positivity. Hence, you appear more upbeat and enthusiastic. This way, you can attract the attention of people around you. So, wear it or keep it in your pocket whenever you go to meet old or new friends. 

3. Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue crystal is known as the best friendship crystal. Lapis Lazuli is associated with the throat and third-eye chakra. So, it helps to improve communication and self-esteem. 

Communication is crucial for friendship. You may feel that your voice is often unheard of or ignored in a group of friends. This kind of feeling can create negative energy, and you feel even more demotivated to continue the friendship.

However, to be able to voice your feelings to others, you must connect with yourself. Lapis Lazuli is aligned with third-eye chakra, which helps you to be connected with your soul. This stone makes you humble and more understanding about your friends. 

The throat chakra of the gem makes you more communicative and expressive. Hence, you can make new friends easily and keep up with your old friends. Lapis Lazuli is very powerful when you wear it around your neck. Then it can be close to your throat and heart. 

4. Sunstone

This stone is true to its name. It is bright and full of energy like the sun. This stone can make you attractive by giving you more confidence and positivity. You will become happy and enthusiastic to make more friends. 

So, if you want to make more friends and have new adventures with them, you can keep a sunstone close to you. This crystal also builds confidence and leadership qualities in you. Hence, others are naturally drawn to you. 

5. Malachite

Are you going through a bad time with your close friend? Sometimes we become distant from people, and misunderstandings can create negative energy. Hence, friendships are often destroyed. 

So, to save your friendship, you have to remove the negative energy. In this case, malachite can help you to get rid of the negative energy. This green stone has a special power of absorbing negative energy and removes hostility among friends. Therefore, you can reconnect with your friends.

Malachite can assist you with making new friends. A new friendship is hard to build up when you have negative energy around you. Malachite removes the negativity, and people become more comfortable around you. 

The best way to use a malachite stone to clear the negativity is meditating with it. You can lie down or sit down with a malachite crystal close to your heart and meditate. Moreover, you can wear it as a necklace, pendant, or brooch to keep it close to your heart to keep the heart chakra active all day long. Remember to cleanse the stone regularly.    

6. Carnelian

Another stone that can cleanse negative feelings like jealousy and anxiety is carnelian. This orange stone is known for its positivity and healing powers. It can motivate you and uplift your mood. Hence, you do not feel anxious and jealous of others. 

Carnelian is very effective for maintaining a healthy relationship. It makes the owner joyful and enthusiastic about life. With this energy, they can remove jealousy and negative feelings about a friend. A positive attitude also attracts people, and you can make good friends. You can use it as a bracelet or meditate by keeping carnelian stone in your hands. 

7. Blue Chalcedony

Is the conversation between you and your friends becoming dull and boring? Do you want to grow a strong bonding with your friends? Then you should choose blue chalcedony. This blue stone has a connection with the throat chakra and helps you to be more communicative. It is one of the best gems to keep friendship genuine and long-lasting. 

The stone makes the owner a good listener and brings happiness to any relationship. Again, the stone is the best for maintaining a long-distance relationship. Your friend may live far away from you, but you can keep the bond by gifting your friend a blue chalcedony. This stone keeps your friendship strong and alive no matter how far you live from each other. 

8. Barite

This stone can come in blue, green, yellow, opaque, and grey. No matter what color it is, the stone helps shy people and fails to express their true personalities. People often fail to make friends because of their lack of confidence and shyness. Barite gives confidence to those people so that they can properly communicate with others.

Besides, this stone maintains a bond between friends to build a loyal friendship. The stone is also helpful to address any problems in friendship and solve the problem. As the stones are fragile to make and wear as jewelry, you can keep them in your room. Moreover, you can put it in a small pouch and keep it in your pocket. 

9. Yellow Topaz

This stone has similar attributes as sunstone. However, it also reminds us of the power of friendship. When things become complicated in life, it is our friends who guide us to the light. The bright color of the yellow topaz reminds us how important friends are in life. Sometimes, it is better to be reminded of our friends so that we do not lose them.

Yellow topaz attracts people towards you and brings laughter to life. The stone helps you to stay connected with like-minded people, and they stay loyal to you. You can wear the stone in any form as jewelry since it has a bright and shiny color.   

10. Rose Quartz

Do you want to feel more loved in your friendship? Do you feel a lack of trust in your friendship? If the answer is yes, then you should seek the help of rose quartz. This pink healing stone removes any negative feelings that do not let love and trust grow in friendship.  

This beautiful gem reminds us that love is the only way to heal any broken relationship. It also reminds us of the importance of self-love. Without loving ourselves first, we cannot love others. The stone makes its owner compassionate and more understanding which are important for maintaining friendships. 

Besides, if you are interested in a friend beyond friendship and harbor deep feelings for him or her, you can keep rose quartz to create feelings of love. Gift rose quartz to your stone and keep one to yourself. The power of the stone may develop the same feelings in your friend’s heart for you too.   

11. Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is the stone to cleanse the negative energy which comes from a broken friendship. Some friendships do not last for a lifetime. To maintain a friendship, both sides have to be willing to work for the relationship. Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time. Hence, you have to let go of the friendship once so precious to you.

This kind of breakup can create negative feelings, and you lose the motivation to maintain other friendships. Black Kyanite absorbs the negative energy and gives you positive energy to move forward. The stone is aligned with all the chakras. Thus, it keeps balance in friendship. 

12. Unakite

Unakite is the best stone for self-love and building new friendships. The stone increases self-confidence and influences you to live in the moment. Thus, you get the courage to talk to people. You become willing to meet new people and fearless about the consequences.  

Furthermore, the stone widens our perspectives about others and makes us more understanding of other’s personalities. As a result, the friendship becomes stronger. This green stone with orange shades can be used on rings or pendants when you go out to meet people.

13. Peridot

As you can see, green and black stones have absorbing powers. Peridot is also a green stone with a golden shade that removes dark thoughts like jealousy, guilt, anger, and misunderstanding from friendship. Without these negative thoughts around, your friendship will become the way it used to be.  

The stone helps to bring back the love and positive feeling in a faded friendship. Similar to sunstone and yellow topaz, peridot is also related to the sun. It gets rid of darkness and brings light into your life. This olive green and yellowish gem has the power of attracting people by removing the dark feelings of the human heart.

The stone is very effective when you celebrate any good news with your friends. So, when you are having a party or gathering of friends, keep some peridot inside your house so that no one feels jealous of your success. Besides, the stone is one of the most beautiful stones to wear as jewelry. 

14. Amethyst

The path of friendship is not always smooth. Sometimes, friends need to take a break and reflect on their friendship. Amethyst is the perfect gem for you if you decide to have some distance from friends. It will help you to feel comfortable and heal negative thoughts. 

Amethyst also slows down your emotions. It stops you from having a friendship with the wrong people. Your friends influence your life. This stone helps you to create a healthy and deep friendship with people.

Also, the stone heals you when a friend goes far away from you. It will take away the pain from your heart and comfort you in your friend’s absence. So, use amethyst as an ornament to soothe yourself and heal your soul.

15. Golden Topaz

Finally, you should know about the golden topaz, which is very popular as a friendship crystal. This golden stone represents loyalty, respect, and a strong bond of friendship. It brings laughter and joy to your life. 

This stone can guide you through the bad moments of friendship and refresh the relationship. It is said that the owners of a golden topaz become more humble and gracious. Hence, they are more capable of understanding others.

It creates a fun and enthusiastic aura that attracts people like a magnet. Once you attract like-minded people with the stone, they will never break the bond of friendship. Therefore, it is the best gem to gift your best friend or soul mate. It is a perfect gem to make a piece of jewelry. So, you can keep it close and have a balanced relationship with people.   

Which Crystals Should Never Be Used Together?

People often use a combination of friendship crystals for multiple effects at once. It is a great way to solve many problems. However, sometimes the energies of some stones influence one another and create confusion in building the desired effect. 

For example, Blue agate has a calming effect. On the other hand, carnelian has an opposite effect. It is a very energizing stone. So, when these two stones come close to each other, they may cancel each other’s powers. Similarly, Malachite and any light blue stone should not be together because they affect each other’s powers.

Therefore, when using different crystals, be aware of the powers and effects on one another. When that’s done, you can combine different crystals to get whatever effect you want in your friendship. 

Tips on Using Friendship Crystals

Wearing or using just any friendship crystal is not the right way of using stones. For best effect, you have to select the right crystals and know how to use them. To make the crystals work, you and your friends both have to be available to the powers of the crystals. 

Here is what else you can do with the precious crystals:

  • Gift the stones in a form of jewelry on your friend’s birthday. Friendship bracelets are becoming popular these days. You can make bracelets using different crystals. Then give them to your friends and wear one yourself too.
  • When you are going to a social gathering, wear a stone as jewelry or carry the stone in your pocket or purse. Orange stones, especially sunstone, orange agate, and golden topaz, are great in social gatherings.
  • Do mediation wearing the gems or keeping them close to you. If you want to calm your mind, use a blue gem or Malachite. Green stones are also used to cleanse any negative thoughts. 
  • If a friend is living far from you, keep some crystals around their photo or keep a stone nearby when you are writing to them. You can send a friendship crystal to your friend too. 
  • If you are falling out of a friendship, try to find out the problem and select a stone which can help the friendship. For example, use a Lapsi Lazuli or blue agate to solve communication problems and rose quartz to enhance love in friendship.
  • Remember to regularly cleanse the crystals like malachite and black kyanite that absorb negative energy. If you do not clean them properly, they will not work properly. 


Hopefully, you can choose the best crystals for friendship from this list. All of these crystals are unique in their own way. They will make you confident to make new friendships and make your existing friendships stronger than ever.

So, pick your favorite stone and see how it changes your life. 

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