How To Be A Kind Hearted Person (7 Tips)

A kind-hearted person could be someone who greets you in passing, holds open the door for you, or simply someone who smiles at you. We all have our idea and definition of what a kind-hearted person is, but we can all agree that a kind-hearted person is generally someone who makes us feel good!

These seven tips will help you to become a kind-hearted person by sharing yourself with others.

  1. Smile like you mean it.
  2. Share a laugh with others.
  3. Listen with care.
  4. Choose to be kind.
  5. Remember your manners.
  6. Always have an attitude of gratitude.
  7. Make time for others.

The question that we often need to ask ourselves is, are we that kind-hearted person? When people think of us, do they think of us as a friendly, generous, kind-hearted person, or do they think of us as something else? How can we make sure that we are kind-hearted and leave a lasting, good impression?

What Makes A Person Kind-Hearted?

Before we look at the answer to this question, we have to state that being kind-hearted does not mean that you are a fool or will allow people to mistreat you.

Being kind-hearted simply means that you can forgive again and again because you have a beautiful, kind heart. It does mean that people may try to take advantage of you because you do not often say no to anyone. A kind-hearted person will have difficulty letting go of a situation even if it hurts them.

A kind-hearted person is the one who will often give up their plans and help you if you ask for help. They will often do what they can to help without any thought of payment. Most people will ask the question, “what’s in it for me” whereas a kind-hearted person will give of their resources and time without expecting anything in return.

7 Tips On How To Be A Kind-Hearted Person

Other than always being available to help people in need, kind-hearted people will often do nice things because they want to, simply to brighten up someone else’s day and to spread a little joy around them. Kind-hearted people will see a need and try and help where they can.

If you would like to spread a little joy and happiness today by being kind-hearted to a stranger, family member, or even a friend, try doing one of these.

1. Smile Like You Mean It

If something pleases you, smile! Sharing a big toothy grin with those around you will lift the mood and probably lift someone else out of the gloom of their day. Share your joy and happiness, even if it’s only by having a positive attitude and embracing the day.

We have all heard the saying, “a smile that brightens up the room.” Well, have you ever stopped to think about what that really means? It means that a kind-hearted person has walked into the room, and the atmosphere is instantly changed because of the presence and joy that the person carries with them.

Try smiling wherever you go and make the difference!

2. Share A Laugh With Others

Sometimes all it takes to cheer someone else up is to stop, chat and laugh with that person. Even a small moment can make a difference in someone else’s life.

Carry a sunny disposition with you and share it with others. Be approachable and catch someone’s eye. Make it a point to greet and smile at everyone, from the cashier at the grocery store to your elderly neighbor.

We don’t know what is happening in someone else’s life, and often a smile or a quick word or two really does brighten up their day!

3. Listen With Care

A kind-hearted person will take the time to listen without imposing their life story on someone else. If you are taking the time to listen to a bad day story, empathize and have compassion for the person. Often the storyteller is having a bad day and needs someone else to simply listen to their story.

Be the listener and don’t give any advice unless asked. Being kind-hearted means that you can be the shoulder to cry on or the person who will make someone else feel like everything is going to be ok! A word of comfort to someone in a bad place can change their outlook on their situation.

4. Choose To Be Kind

If you are already a kind-hearted person, you will probably read this statement and think, I already am!

There can be a difference between being kind and being kind-hearted. Anyone can be kind, but it could be a once-off occurrence, or the person might normal be mean and unkind but has a kind moment and does something for someone else – this does not make that person kind-hearted. Instead, he has had an uncharacteristic moment, whereas the kind-hearted person decides to live a kind-hearted lifestyle.

5. Remember Your Manners

Growing up, we all taught to say please and thank you, to respect our elders, to open the door for others, etc.

As adults, we often forget these basic manners as we deal with our busy lives and rude people. By remembering your manners and simply greeting someone in passing, you could lift someone’s mood.

6. Always Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

Be grateful for everything, even the most minor things that have happened in your life. Treat each moment, good and bad, as learning moments. If you are personally having a bad day, be conscious of the effect that your mood can have on others.

We are not saying that you are not allowed a bad day; instead, be careful who you influence while dealing with your own day. Perhaps stay away from others who do not know you well enough to understand your moment. Better still, rise above the gloom and change your own attitude! Keep the kindness flowing, even towards yourself.

7. Make Time For Others

Connect with people in real life, rather than always via social media or phone calls. Take the time to have a coffee date with a co-worker or take a meal to a tired Mom.

People appreciate small gestures, and it lifts their outlook on life when they realize that someone else went out of their busy day to think of them.

How Can I Be Kind And Loving?

To be kind and loving starts with your own attitude. You have to decide to make the change to become the person you would like to be, no matter how hard it will be for you. Making changes is always difficult initially, but once you start practicing what you have decided to do, it will get easier!

Once you have decided to become the kind-hearted person you have always wanted to be, why not put some procedures in place to help you achieve your goal?

Starting a planning journal is always a great place to start. Why not set goals for what you would like to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly, and challenge yourself to meet these goals.

Do online research or visit your local community center and find self-help articles to help you plan. Always remember that you need to be kind to yourself and don’t set too many goals. If the plan for today did not happen, start again tomorrow, but don’t give up!

How Can I Be More Kind And Gentle?

Stepping out of your daily comfort zone is a great place to start becoming kinder and gentler. Start with the people around you; even if it’s one person at a time, each step counts towards your amazing, kinder life!

Try these examples and see how comfortable you feel and how easy it is to practice being kind-hearted and gentle.

  • Visit your parents without them inviting you. Take coffee and doughnuts and sit and visit.
  • Babysit your neighbor’s children for free. Often new parents could do with a helping hand.
  • Take a meal to a lonely person in your neighborhood and visit a while.
  • Help the elderly with household chores and shopping.
  • Greet everyone that you pass by on the street.
  • Phone a friend instead of texting.


Sometimes it isn’t easy to be a kind-hearted person all the time, even if it is in your nature and your way to be nice to others. Most of the time, kind-hearted people will be generous and friendly to others, even if it means sacrificing themselves and their plans.

Kind-hearted people will not worry about the consequences of being nice to other people, but they will try and help where and when they can. A kind-hearted person can carry peace with them that often attracts others to them, or they can change the attitude in a situation just by bringing their quiet presence with them.

Kind-hearted people know when to stop and be kind to themselves, too!

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