What Are the Signs That Someone Is Hiding True Feelings from You?

Has someone you know started to behave more nicely with you than usual? The indications confuse you and give you mixed signals. The changed behavior might also be because of their growing fondness towards you. But how to be sure? What are some signs someone is hiding their feelings for you?

Some signs that may indicate someone’s growing feelings for you are- their increased attention and concern towards you. They start appreciating and acknowledging your actions even more. It differs from a person to another based on their personality. However, there are some things men and women do differently when they suppress their true feelings from you.

You will be amazed at how very simple yet distinctive these signs are. Let me make it clear before you get deep into the article- men and women do not necessarily have different ways of hiding feelings. It depends on the person. I have listed signs based on general observations. However, you can read this article as a whole for an individual, see what matches best.

Signs that a Man is Hiding His True Feelings from You

Sometimes you are associated with guy friends or know a man through someone else. But the way one of them acts around you is not the way others do. How can you determine whether they have feelings for you? How to know if he likes you and is falling in love? Here are some signs to help you-

He Remembers Little Details about You

This is one of the things that a man will do for sure if he has feelings for you. Men do not observe small details if they are not interested or onto someone. Notice whether he remembers and observes very simple details about you.

See if he gets you particular things you may have mentioned about liking in a previous conversation. He will remember your favorite flavor, your usual order from the menu during a hangout that no one else may have noticed. He will know the movies that get you excited. And based on those, he will also initiate conversations.

He Has Time for You No Matter What

A difficult one though but you will understand it as it happens. Men usually make time for their friends even if they just got home from a hard day at work. But if a guy has feelings for you, he will not even consider the work sometimes, he will make a way to be there for you if you need him.

If you are his friend and you happen to inform your friends’ circle that you are alone somewhere, he will be the one to respond and reach you as soon as he can. If he is just an acquaintance, he will propose to accompany you.

He is Interested to Know About Your Day and Life

A man who has feelings for you will always be eager to know how your day was. He would start with pep talks like- have you eaten? How are you? How is your health? How was your day? Even though these are general courtesies when communicating with someone, he will ask almost every day.

If you went out and happened to chat with this guy every day, he would like to know details about it. These are small attempts in trying to know your likes and dislikes better. He will also participate with you if you are sharing a point of view. Mostly trying to match opinions.

He Gets Jealous When You Are Around Other Men

He will not speak about it directly, but he will imply his slight dislike towards the man or few men in your circle. It is not personal but he will show his mistrust towards them, often questioning their intentions with you.

He might even show up in those hangouts if he is not from your circle. And if he is, then he will make sure to always be there to get the most of you and to make sure, no one else from the circle is closer to you than he is. Not in a weird and psychotic way though, but in a way that shows his desire for you.

He Appreciates and Compliments You

If a man has feelings for you, he will give subtle compliments. The reason I say subtle is because he is already hiding his feelings. Subtle compliments help him hide it while still making a way into your mind.

Most of the time the compliments are genuine. It is the uncontrollable urge of adoring you in any other way. He will also appreciate your efforts, work, and achievements.

Signs that a Woman is Hiding Her True Feelings from You

Most women are very caring by nature. Even if not with everyone, but definitely with close ones. If they grow feelings for someone, it is harder to determine as the thin line of care and extra care will escalate in an undetected manner. Some women also express it through tough love. Learn about these signs from the list below-

She Gets Concerned About You Easily

It is not an easy sign. If you have a girl as a close friend, she already is concerned regardless. But if she has feelings for you, she will be extremely concerned. If you were to break your leg, have a small accident, or even missed meals, she might get angry about how you are not living life a proper way or are not careful enough. But she will scold you out of worry.

She will not show it directly but will express through this tough love and anger as if she only cares about your lifestyle and habits. That itself is a sign that she wants you to get a hold of your life, as it might include her in the future. 

She is Jealous of Your Other Girl Friends

Similar trait as men, if a woman has feelings for you, she will be very jealous of your other female friends. She might comment on how the other girl talks, the way she eats, somehow trying to make the other girl look uninteresting in your eyes.

If you give another girl more attention, even if she is not your friend, her attitude will change towards you to a much angrier version. It is usually the frustration of not being able to stop you since she is trying to hide her feelings.

She Laughs at Almost Everything You Say and Smiles at You

Even if your jokes are ridiculous, she will laugh like they are hilarious. It might be a generalization but men like being called humorous. And it works pretty well. You will see when she acknowledges things you mean as banter, it makes you feel good too.

She will smile at you often. Sometimes just for no reason, attempting to hide how she probably was staring at you.

Her Friends Know Who You Are

If she is an extrovert, she will tell her friends all about you for sure. If you happen to meet them, they will know who you are and their behavior towards you will prove how she has presented you to them.

Her friends will show interest in you just as much as she does. It is one of the common signs.

She is Always Available for You, Even if Not Physically but for Mental Support

As I have already mentioned how women tend to care about those they hold dear to them, very expressively. But if she is trying to hide her feelings, notice how she bums out when you are upset. She will try her best to be available somehow.

Through texts, phone calls, and if possible then she will meet you to console you or advise you, secretly attempting to pull you out of the misery.

She Acknowledges Your Hard Work

You will be appreciated often if a woman has hidden feelings for you. She will always acknowledge the things you do, trying to boost you with gratefulness. It is both genuine and sometimes a way to show how much she recognizes the good you do.

Most women appreciate things as they are done, but they will do it more often.


To sum it all up, it is quite easy to find out whether or not someone has feelings for you. As you can see, they make it pretty obvious that they care for you with the little things they do. In fact they want you to recognize their care for you so you may like them back. 

The signs someone is hiding feelings from you might differ from a person to another. But I hope this article will help you study your admirer’s behavior in a better way.

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