How To Get Your Husband To Pay Attention To You – Useful Tips

We all need to feel important and loved. We need to know that we are important to someone else, and, most of the time, that person is our spouse. Our husband is the most important person in our world, often more important than our children, so why doesn’t he feel the same about you?

The ways to get your husband to pay attention to you can include the following tips.

  • Look presentable, catch his eye.
  • Stop nagging him and listen to his concerns.
  • Don’t take him for granted.
  • Be happy and smile at him more.
  • Go on a date and woo him!
  • Make the first move in the bedroom!

Other than throwing a fit and screaming at him, how do you get your husband’s attention if he is more interested in anything else other than you? In many households, there are so many responsibilities that take up all your time, causing you to divert your attention away from the people who matter the most to you. So what steps can you take to rekindle your relationship with your husband and get him to pay you the attention you deserve?

Reasons Why Your Husband May Give You Less Attention

Let’s start with this topic. Yes, there may be reasons why he has stopped paying attention to us because of how we treat him or because we don’t give him the attention that he deserves! Think about it, how did you treat him before you got married, compared to now?

We had all heard the stories from family and friends of how different their lives were before marriage and how, once they got married, it wasn’t long before things started to change. Even celebrity marriages have been affected by this strange turn of events.

Life surely does happen, and it can get in the way at times, but to have a happy marriage and a happy life, sometimes, you need to stop and take stock of where you are.

Let’s look at things from his perspective and think about what has made him change towards you.

  1. He feels hurt and unhappy. This might not even have anything to do with you! He could be dealing with depression or mood swings and not know how to tell you. Of course, he could also feel that you are growing apart, which causes him to pull away from you.
  2. He is distracted. He may be under a tremendous amount of stress at work, or he could simply be worried about how to pay the bills! He could also feel that you give more of your attention to the rest of your life than you do to him, so he spends his time on his own hobbies.
  3. Marriage isn’t what he expected. According to his views, his needs may not be being met. He may feel that you criticize him constantly, and perhaps you do! This could be a reality, in which case you both need to discuss your life expectations.
  4. He could be plain selfish! He is simply taking you for granted and has become lazy in showing you how important you are to him, and you have allowed it!

How To Get More Attention From Your Husband

Emotionally, we often feel neglected and abandoned by our husbands. Of course, sometimes this could just be our own perception, and he is not actually acting any differently than usual. Still, there are times when he could deliberately try to stay away from you for reasons which he might not be willing to share.

Try these steps to get more attention from your husband, especially when you are feeling emotionally distant from him. Sometimes it only takes a small change from you to change your relationship with your husband.

  • Pay attention to him. Take a time out and listen to him. Often your husband will stop paying attention to you because he feels that you don’t listen to him anymore or make him feel important.
  • Remember why you married him. You had the same dreams, goals, and visions at some stage. Think back to that exciting time in your life when everything was less complicated and fallin love with him again!
  • Respect him. Show him that you love him and why he is important to you.
  • Acknowledge him and what he does for you. Even though you expect him to do things for you and he will do what is expected of him, remember to thank him for what he is doing, and don’t criticize him for what he is not doing!
  • Understand his moods. Yes, husbands are moody at times, but so are we! Allow him to have a bad day, but do try to communicate with him, or better still, give him the space that he needs!
  • Give him time to express his emotions. Some husbands don’t know how to speak about what is worrying them. Sit with him to show that you care about him and listen when he speaks.
  • Be happy when he is around. You can definitely change the atmosphere in your home by being happy and smiling often! Have fun with your family and watch your husband change!

How To Deal With A Husband That Ignores Your Needs

What about your needs? As a busy wife, mother, housekeeper, worker, chef, shopper, the list is endless, always on the go person; why doesn’t your husband come to your rescue when you need him to? What happened to the Knight in shining armor that you married?

Surely, he can see that you need him now more than ever, not only emotionally but also physically, to help out with the kids, the housework, and daily life? This is where you will have to take a step back, evaluate your needs and what you really need from him.

What about the woman that your husband fell in love with? Where is she in all of this? Perhaps he needs that strong, independent woman back in his life, the woman that he fell in love with!

Try these ways to get your husband to stop ignoring your needs, and perhaps you will find the woman he fell in love with!

  • Make time for yourself and your family. Stop putting him first in every area of your life and expecting him to be someone he isn’t.
  • Start a hobby, make new friends. Invite him to join you but let him know that you are ok on your own.
  • Become independent and find your passion again!
  • Wear sexy clothes to make you feel good about yourself – you might just catch his eye again!
  • Pay more attention to him! He has needs too and will welcome attention from you!
  • Speak life into your marriage! Stop complaining and start using words of encouragement and love in your home. Ban negativity from everyone in the household.

Top Tips On How To Get Your Husband To Pay Attention To you

Your husband will pay attention to you if you demand his attention and let him know how important he is to you at the same time! Try these tips to grab and keep his attention!

  • Look presentable, catch his eye.
  • Stop nagging him and listen to his concerns.
  • Don’t take him for granted.
  • Be happy and smile at him more.
  • Go on a date and woo him!
  • Make the first move in the bedroom!


A relationship is all about each other, how special you are to one another, and how glad you are to share a life together. Learning to balance everything is always the key to a successful relationship.

You do share some of the responsibility in getting your husband to pay more attention to you, though. Showing him how important he is to you will remind him of how important you are to him and how extraordinary your life together should be. Make the necessary changes and enjoy the life that you were always meant to have with your husband!