How To Handle Betrayal At Work? Ways You Can Easily Deal With It

How To Handle Betrayal At Work

Betrayals are unfortunately a common thing people face in the office or their workplace. It’s a heartbreaking thing to face betrayal from your co-workers and from your boss. If you’re wondering how to handle betrayal at work, this article is the perfect guide for you. The way you are going to handle the betrayal at … Read more

Is It Normal to Make Mistakes at Work? Then What?

Is It Normal to Make Mistakes at Work

Last week, my sister made a mortifying mistake at work. She’s been continuously beating herself up on that. Disturbed, she asked me what I thought about the mistake. Was it really that crazy? And is it normal to make mistakes at work?  Let’s the answer this question with the age-old saying, to err is human. … Read more

What Motivates Me Most to go for Work Everyday? (Thank Me Later)

What Motivates Me Most to Go for Work Everyday

If showing up regularly at work was easy, everyone would be doing it. Sometimes, it is hard to find the motivation to show up at work, even if you love doing it. Following the same routine, every day diminishes the excitement for work. It is very common, and people just can’t get rid of these feelings. … Read more