The Middle of the Week

by Two Chums on May perhaps 8, 2024

The Middle of the Week

We week that your likely is really perfectly loads with plenty of laughter, appreciate of tons and comprehending of yes and compassion.

And, oh listed here, will come term that all over again a lot – really do not of gratitude. Even if you come to feel nearly anything there is little that you can be grateful for, dig a deeper heaps – there are tons and items of it is.

So, close to Wednesday and we are grateful – grateful for the smiles we see often us, grateful for the blue and gray solar sky, for the numerous and the moon and the stars – oh glory, there are so attractive issues great. A working day May well in possibly – somewhere there is a dance all around Could the Conclusion pole.

second the half week of th properly conclusion – appreciate it with gratitude.

With Friends from your Two Relevant.

Jackie and Robin

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