15 Top Crystals for Friendship and Conflict

Top 15 Crystals for Friendship and Conflict

There is a saying that friends are the family we choose. Friendship is a beautiful relationship built upon trust, love, and respect. Like any other relationship, conflict is a common part of friendship. Fortunately, there are crystals for friendship that strengthen the bond of friendship and create positive energy to solve unwanted conflicts.  Orange agate, Blue agate, … Read more

Can Friends Be Considered as Family | Right or Wrong?

Can friends be Considered as Family

There are countless stories, songs and poems about friendship and how emotionally important friendships can be. Sometimes, we consider close friends as families or even closer than certain family members. For those wondering if friends can be considered family, the answer is pretty simple.  We cannot choose our families, unlike friends. So, subconsciously we make … Read more

How to Make Friends as an Introvert With Social Anxiety

How to Make Friends as an Introvert with Social Anxiety

When you are an introvert, making friends isn’t as easy as it should be. What’s natural for others, might be a socially awkward situation for those who are introverts. Most of the time, they feel like they don’t need friends in the first place because they prefer their own company anyway. That’s a dangerous path … Read more