What is The True Meaning of Life?

The idea is simple. If you are on the right path, fulfilling your life’s purpose, you are content, happy and in tune with the universe. But, on the other hand, if you are constantly playing catch-up, trying to pay off debts and make amends with people you love, then you are probably not living up to your full potential.

Many times we feel like something is missing from our lives, and we place that thing on a pedestal, so it’s way out of our reach. Why? Because sometimes it’s easier to do that and feel like we can’t achieve harmony, than to do something about it.

I know it sounds harsh when we put it that way, but look at it from a different point of view. What if we turn this around and instead of focusing on the idea that we have to work for something, we could focus on the outcome we are aiming for.

Okay, so you might ask how you can step onto the right path and discover your life’s purpose? Let us share these three simple steps that you can incorporate into your life right now. Just remember: it’s never too late to change direction or to follow a different path.

Understand that you have a choice

As much as it sounds obvious, it isn’t. We mostly forget that whatever the circumstances, we always have a choice. If we don’t achieve our dream, it’s probably because of the choices we made along the way. But, on the other hand, this also means that if you want something bad enough, it’s up to you to achieve it.

Once you set your mind on something, your subconscious will constantly keep working towards achieving it. And, as they say in the inspiring song, there will be no mountain high enough to climb. Because the obstacles will cease to be obstacles. They will simply be stepping stones your mind will use to help you climb higher.

We need to note here though that what works for others, might not work for you. After all, we are talking about your life’s purpose. Find out what works best for you and then follow that path. Make a list of the possible paths you would take, weighing up the pros and cons. Is there anything you are passionate about? Anything you love to do? If yes, then you need to do more of that. And this brings us to our second point.

Decide what works for you, what’s your underlying principle

If you look at the list you just created, is there anything that keeps grabbing your attention? Maybe you have written activities around helping people, or you might have collected creative hobbies. Either way, if it screams at you, then you are supposed to do it. Especially if it keeps turning up in your life, just like a pattern.

For some people, this exercise is as easy as pie. They sit down, write for five minutes and voila, they have discovered their life’s purpose. But don’t be discouraged if it takes time. You have waited this long, you can afford to be a little patient with yourself, right? You might need to repeat this every week or month, until the things you don’t really need get forgotten about.

Now take the next step

Quite literally. Once you have that one path that keeps popping up (or more than one, actually), all you need to do is step onto it. I know it sounds easier than it is, but it’s not that difficult, either. Just think about it. It is on top of your list, because you enjoy it, it fills your soul with joy and happiness. When you are performing this action, you feel complete. You feel you. So, all you need to do is keep doing the things that make you, well, you.

Of course, we are not saying that this will happen overnight. You will need to implement changes, and some of them will be big. But if you look at the whole picture, you will be rewarded by a life filled with purpose, happiness and harmony. Remember, once you are in alignment with your higher self, everything else will follow. Money, fame, love, you name it. Just step on your path and keep going.

Don’t worry if you take a wrong turn once or twice, either. Be gentle on yourself and you will find that the path is waiting for you, ready whenever you are.

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