Can Two Extroverts Be in a Relationship?

Two extroverts always make an interesting couple, maybe even more so than two introverts or an introvert and an extrovert. The reason behind this is because when two extroverts get together, they bring similar traits into the relationship.

However, the issue is that extroverts are so set in their own ways that if those ways don’t match, there could be serious clashes between the two. When two extroverts are in a relationship, their energy levels ensure a high emotional and sex drive, but it’s also the reason why they can explode like a bomb at the most unexpected times. All in all, two extroverts can make a relationship work if they are both dedicated, but they might need to make a few compromises along the way.

For two extroverts, relationships can be superficial. Usually, because they like to be the centre of attention, they care more about themselves than the other person. But if they manage to find similarities between themselves and the other extrovert they get into a relationship with, it can work. They won’t have to focus on what they want, because the other person will most probably want the same things.

What Characteristics and Traits Do Extroverts Bring Into the Relationship?

There are certain traits and characteristics everyone brings into the relationship. But in the case of extroverts, sometimes these characteristics can be a dealbreaker.

1. Bored easily

Extroverts tend to get bored with things easily. They are always looking for the next best thing in their life.

Positive side: If they are both going in the right direction, their boredom can actually fuel their desire to achieve new things, feeding their ambitious nature. They can edge each other on, too, to aim higher. Two extroverts can experience a lot of new things together, whether it’s a new place to visit, new food to try or a new hobby.

Negative side: Two extroverts can get bored with each other, too. In most cases, finding a new hobby together won’t fix that. And because they speak what’s on their mind and they both have an explosive nature, this kind of boredom can easily lead to a break-up.

2. Spur of the moment

Extroverts don’t need to have a clear plan to enjoy the night. They like spontaneity and trying new things on the spur of the moment.

Positive side: The couple will share new experiences, which in turn will mean that their relationship won’t become dull, providing them with many new adventures. They will never know what’s around the corner, which can spice up their love life.

Negative side: Even extroverts can feel like things aren’t going their way, especially when their partner decides to do something on the spur of the moment they don’t like. Communication is key for extroverts because they like to play with open cards.

3. Talk a lot about themselves

Extroverts tend to talk a lot about themselves, or simply talk a lot.

Positive side: When two extroverts get together, there are likely not going to be any awkward silences. They will both want to talk about themselves, giving the other person an opportunity to learn more about them. No secrets, no lies, guaranteed.

Two extroverts can also talk about a lot of topics because both of them will be excited and interested in the things that surround them. This can mean that they have a lot in common, which is always a good foundation.

Negative side: However, this also means that they might not be as good listeners as talkers. They might end up talking about themselves, without listening to what the other has to say. Forgotten birthdays, or childhood stories, you name it.

Also, if they keep talking about things the other person isn’t interested about, that can soon put a damper on the relationship.

4. Lots of energy

Extroverts have lots of energy, and they often use that to their own advantage.

Positive side: There are lots of things two extroverts can do with their pent-up energy, and this could either lead them on great and risky adventures, or to the bedroom. Either way, their bond could get stronger. They will have plenty of time to experiment with new things, too, because tiredness doesn’t fit into their schedule.

Negative side: Too much energy can make an extrovert reckless, unable to settle down. This could mean that they are always on the go, not being able to relax.

5. Says what’s on their mind

Extroverts have strong opinions about things, which they aren’t afraid to broadcast, either. They always say what’s on their mind, without a filter.

Positive side: Two extroverts can have healthy debates and heated arguments in the relationship, which will keep their minds sharp and their focus straight.

Negative side: However, if they have something negative to say about the other, that will be extremely difficult to brush under the carpet or forget. This can lead to lots of arguments.

6. Centre of attention

Extroverts like to be the center of attention. They are the life of the party.

Positive side: They will be charming and attentive to their partner. No date will be boring, and they will go to lots of events together. They will be the only couple dancing at the center stage, or the daring ones to sing at a karaoke. Nothing will be too risky for them, and they will be envied by others.

Negative side: If they can be the center of attention together, then it’s all great and the relationship will thrive. However, if jealousy rears up its ugly lead, because one of them is getting more attention than the other, they can become quite competitive and the relationship will soon become a race instead of a partnership.

7. Not too romantic

Extroverts don’t usually spend too much time or give too much thought to romance.

Positive side: Instead of cozy nights in, they will go out and explore the world, gaining experience and memories. They will still bond, but in a slightly different way that romantic people do.

Negative side: Their relationship might become superficial since they might not be spending enough time focusing on it. They do things together, but they might still be going at it alone in truth.

So, Can Two Extroverts Make Their Relationship Work?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, two extroverts can make their relationship work, if they realize their own traits they bring into the relationship and tone them down a bit, to match those of the other person.

However, having said that, it doesn’t mean that they have to change themselves to make the relationship work. They just need to make a compromise and decide what are the aspects of their relationship they both love and focus on those instead of focusing on the differences and difficulties.

But in those cases when they are too set in their own ways, two extroverts will find it very hard to make the relationship work. The key is for them not to let their ego rule everything they do. For some extroverts, this is a long process, and they need to have a strong connection with their partner, otherwise, they won’t even want to work on it together because they won’t see the point.


All in all, it all depends on the differences and similarities they have and how much they are both willing to compromise. While in other relationships their similarities would be a bonus and a sure way to keep the fire burning, in this case, that might be the problem in the long run. Communication and patience are the keys.

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