How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You After a Fight? Tips To Make Him Regret Fighting You

When there is love and expectations, it’s very typical to get into a fight. Sometimes it’s about minor things, and sometimes it might get big. However, nobody feels good after a fight. But following some special tricks, you can make your bond more special even through these fights. If you know how to make your boyfriend miss you after a fight, it can make the bond stronger.

Missing loved ones after a fight is natural. A girl can play some tricks to make her boyfriend miss her and regret fighting. First, the girl should be calm and confident; she can apologize shortly to make her boyfriend regret fighting with her. Also, avoiding texts and calls, remaining silent and busy, and creating a little distance can make him miss his girl like crazy.

You might get confused about how these methods are going to work. No worries. This article will guide you to understand how you can turn a small fight into the basis of making your relationship stronger and happier.  It will help you to get even closer than ever.

Best Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You After A Fight

Every person is unique. So they like different things about their favorite person. But there are some basic facts that every couple loves about their partners. If there is a fight, a common scenario is that girls get emotional easily in relationships. Don’t always apologize first. Sometimes it’s wiser to wait and let your boyfriend miss you and make him regret fighting you.

So, let’s dive into the facts that can make your boyfriend regret fighting you surely-

1. Be Calm and Confident

One of the most charming and attractive traits a woman can carry is confidence. So be confident about whatever you do. After fighting, the first thing you need to do is to calm yourself down.  Undoubtedly, you are going to miss him if you guys stop talking. Also, it will drive you crazy. But you have to pull yourself together and make a decision.

Since it takes two to make a fight, you can’t entirely blame your boyfriend for the situation. But if you think that you were not wrong, then confidently make a decision. If you want to distance yourself for some moments, do it. Don’t be confused. It will make him rethink what his faults are as well. So, calm down and be confident.

2. Be Positive

Positivity has its own magic, especially for people who are introverts and overthink a lot. You often think of the worst possible things that might happen. But it is not the right thing to do, specifically when you are angry. Try to think positively. If he is angry or talking to you rudely, it may be caused by the heat of the moment. Or, he doesn’t really mean that. So wait until he explains and clarifies all the things.

But being positive doesn’t mean ignoring signs. You can have an optimistic prediction that everything will be alright and take steps according to that while keeping your senses open.

3. Apologize But Don’t Be Today

Sometimes leaving with a sweet and formal apology can make your boyfriend chase you like crazy. It will surely make him regret it. But don’t be grovelling.

Apologize only once and then leave the place or stop waiting for the reply. If he replies back, don’t respond immediately. Take some time to make him realize that he should apologize as well.

4. Don’t Respond Instantly

Try to avoid calls and texts. Also, try not to use social media so much. Let him miss you for a while. If he takes you for granted, it might make him think that you are always available. So, make him chase you and wait for you.

If you have mutual friends, try to use your sources. But make sure he doesn’t get your information.

5. Silent Treatment

If it is his fault, then you can go for this option. I know, at this moment, you are pissed off, and you are staring at your phone. You have a ton of things in your mind going on, and your fingers are itching to throw all your feelings out of your mind. But wait! It might make you look desperate. So wait for him to make the first move. And till then, stay silent.

The silent treatment is always effective. At least it is better than a wrong decision or a reaction that might make you regret it later.

6. Make Him Miss You By Leaving Your Things Around Him

It’s a unique trick you can use in the times you guys are fighting and also, whenever you want him to miss you. Try to leave your cute things like scarves, clips, or hairbands around him. It will remind him of you.

Things that remind you of good memories of the two of you are specifically recommended to leave around him. It will drive him crazy, and he won’t be able to ignore you.

7. Spend Time With Your Friends

Go out with your friends. Don’t always depend on your partner to hang out and go out. Make plans with your girls’ group and go on a trip if possible. It will help you to divert your mind. Share your fun moments on social media.

Seeing you happy will make him feel good, but it will also make him jealous. So, it’s a tricky way to make your boyfriend fighting you.

8. Get Busy And Try New Things

Always try to explore new things. It will improve your personality as well as help you to get new perspectives. Learning new things will make you more attractive. So he will be proud of you and will try to give importance to your decisions. So, it is essential to keep learning new things and exploring the world.

You can also try dressing up and slaying in good pictures. It can drive your boyfriend crazy about you. He will regret fighting you after seeing you. When we love someone, their gesture, image, and appearance affect us a lot. So, hit a spa and pamper yourself. Dress up and go outside. If possible, indirectly show him what he is missing out on.

9. Share Relatable Thoughts On Social Media

Indirectly show him you are angry by sharing relatable thoughts on social media. It will make him realize that he is wrong and what you are going through. So, you can post quotes like this. But don’t be overly emotional. Just drop a hint there.

10. Make Him Jealous

You have to be extra careful while doing this. As it can be a little tricky to do. Fear of losing your partner is highly effective in these situations. If he gets jealous of seeing you with your other friends, he will immediately work on the problems. And it will make him regret fighting you.

These are the basic methods you can try to make your boyfriend miss you after a fight. And it works in every kind of relationship, whether he is an introvert or extrovert or if you guys are in a long-distance relationship. It is surely going to work out.

How To Make Him Regret Fighting You?

Knowing that the person who has hurt you deeply regrets it gives you a sense of satisfaction. So to make your boyfriend regret fighting you, you can give him some ‘silent treatment and try not to talk to him at all. Distant yourself and let him miss you. Show your importance. If it is needed, speak up about it. Make him realize what you actually are in his life.

However, if he truly loves you and respects you, he will not be able to hurt you for that long. So, keep patience and wait for him. He will surely regret and feel guilty about fighting you. Sooner or later, he will come back to you with a heartfelt apology.


Now you know how to make your boyfriend miss you after a fight. Fighting is one of the natural parts of a relationship. There is nothing to worry about. Since it needs two to make a fight, it requires two to solve the issues as well. Feel your heart and make the right decision.

I hope these methods will help you out to solve the problems. All the best, ladies!