How Does Motivation Work for Our Daily Life?

How Does Motivation Work for Our Daily Life?

If you want to succeed in life, you have to be motivated to achieve your goals. A motivated person can achieve his goals even if he faces obstacles on his way. Now, you are probably thinking what motivation is and how motivation works?   In this article, I will be talking about motivation, the types of motivations, … Read more

Why Don’t I Have Any Confidence in Myself Anymore?

Why I Don't Have any Confidence in Myself Anymore

There are so many things you would like to achieve in life. But there’s a little voice inside your head that holds you from doing them back. It says “I have no confidence in myself anymore”. Find out how you can silence that inner voice in this article. It’s important that you understand why you’re … Read more

How Do You Know When An Introvert Ignores You?

How Do You know When an Introvert Ignores You

So you must be wondering how to know when an introvert ignores you. Well, Introverts naturally value personal space above all else. They simply like to be by themselves. They are sort of conservative in the sense of expressing emotions. Thus making it tough for others to understand whether an introvert is avoiding you or not.  The most … Read more

Can You Play Games While Listening To Subliminals?

Can you play games while listening to subliminals

Do you use subliminal audio recordings to boost your confidence or memorize information? How loud does subliminal audio need to be for it to start changing your behavior? This article will discuss the answer to this question. It will also explain everything you should know about Subliminals and your personality. Can You Play Games While … Read more

The Science On Why Motivation Comes And Goes


Do you find it difficult to gather the enthusiasm to start something? Perhaps you need to get going with a big work project, exercise regularly, or simply clean the house. Why does motivation come and go? This article will explain the science behind motivation. It will also list practical suggestions that will help you improve … Read more